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Thread: Keepers and Thing limit

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    I've been playing Mid-Snog feels, and I noticed that the thing limit was reached quickly (i.e. ranged attacks don't materialise often). I reduced the amount of gold piles yet it still happened. When I used Reveal Map cheat, I noticed that the Blues and Greens had created an obscene amount of 5x5 workshops and strip-mined their entire dungeon just to fit even more, all filled to the brim with traps.

    Any solutions for this problem? (maybe the AI has a maximum amount of workshops to build.
    or that is the question

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    I also played this map and I ran into the pathfinding bug, so I'm not sure it's worth fixing now. I you do want to fix it you can always add this to the script:
    That would prevent them from building more than 1 workshop each.

    I already listed an issue to solve the issue with too many workshops:

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    The thing limit is why I stopped creating my KeeperFX campaign and why I gave up on DK altogether for the time being. That and the fact that this place is basically dead now, so there'd be nobody to play it.

    DK needs to be revitalized on Steam or something for it to live again, unless there's some community I'm not aware of.

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    Unless you're creating the DK equivalent of DOOM slaughtermaps, the thing limit shouldn't be too restrictive.

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    And in recent stable nightlies you're even less likely to run into the thing limit, as the computer players sell their traps/doors.
    But of course what helps is to limit the amount of rival keepers you face on a level.

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