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Thread: own level always crashes

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    Default Re: own level always crashes

    Try this one: map00202.7z

    I modified your original map and you'll have a much better chance of this one not crashing. I did not playtest it beyond opening it up and using frameskip for a while, so you'll have to do that yourself.

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    I have changed my version myself as well, but my version still has some bugs.
    There aren't too many paths in the game any more, but now the create imp spell doesn't work.
    I have no idea how that could have happened, because In the previous versions it did work.
    log file: keeperfx.log.7z

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    Default Re: own level always crashes

    I don't know wheter your version will work, because in the script you say, that creatures must appear at hero-gates, that aren't in the map.
    I haven't tested it ,but think that can cause some bugs as well...

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    Default Re: own level always crashes

    If your map works, it works. If not, take some inspiration from the version I made or just fix the missing hero gates/action points. Them not being there won't give any issues beyond the heroes not showing up.

    I tested your map and I can create imps no problem. I just have money for one. What could have happened for you is that you try to create imps when there are too many heroes on the map. The game has a creature limit of 255 creatures. If you have that many on the map, no new ones will come from portals, graveyard or create imps spell.

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    Default Re: own level always crashes

    it was at the beginning of the game and the log file gives some errors, so I thought there was still a bug, but if it did work, when you played it, I'll test it again

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