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    Frozen Legion.
    The heroes in this frozen realm aren't very smart, nor very powerful, but there are lots of them. Surely
    you can't hope to defeat them in a direct confrontation, so use your well stocked workshop to turn the tide.
    The odds are not in your favor.

    Tower Defense meets Dungeon Keeper: Build an effective path to where the heroes come from, place traps and trigger the endless and ever increasing wave of heroes. With the right strategy an easy victory, with the wrong one you'll be hopelessly overrun. If you haven't played much Dungeon Keeper before, first try Thug of War, which is not as difficult and is a more conventional hero invasion map or Wetlands which is rather easy.

    Download it here. Requires KeeperFX 0.4.6 or later.

    This map features:
    • Difficulty
    • All the traps you want
    • The opportunity to be defeated by lvl 3 dwarves.

    If you played it, please let me know what you think. Be sure to share if you manage to beat it and how many attempts it took.
    Other Feedback is also welcome of course, I'm sure I've made some mistakes.
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    "Don't let the heroes wittle you down". Change to "Whittle".
    "Your magic generator will feed of your vampires". Change to "On"... or "Off" I guess. Whichever word you originally intended.
    Action point 7 needs to be repositioned to be more central with the dungeon heart. If the player digs around the back of the heart and triggers the parties, they can steal a Dwarf/Wizard/Samurai with the steal hero. Without the troll, the script won't fire appropriately.

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    Thanks for the update, I've fixed the spelling errors and moved the action point back to the dungeon heart. And if you want to play with just 30 bile demons, go play the main campaign.

    Did you manage to beat the level? In how many attempts?

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    Two or three, depending on the outlook.
    First playthrough was on your old build. Second playthrough + one reload.

    It really wasn't a trap defense though. It was far easier to just drop the trolls+spiders, kill everyone traveling, and then put them back. Later on it got easier when the barracks rolled around. The only trap that was particularly necessary was the boulder and that's because you could just chuck down a magic door with a boulder and give your creatures a solid few minutes to have a quick bat in the lair. The imps are running to and around the trap room far too often for traps to be a solo defense. Even traps + guard posts is stretching it since time spent guarding is time that could be spent training. So much easier to just build a long hallway and apply orc to white spot every few minutes.

    Difficulty wise it's great.
    Map-wise, it's empty. No creeks, no lava, no chokes, no lakes. STILL NO SPECIALS.

    Never used spells. Didn't have the money for it.
    Didn't research anything until I couldn't afford to train anymore.
    Didn't build a scavenger or any researchable rooms aside from a second graveyard. Those hellhounds wouldn't be worth the investment. Make it a reaper and maybe i'll get out of bed.
    Needs more tentacles.

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    Default Re: Frozen Legion

    Ok, good to know. If you need a single restart, many people here will have serious trouble, but it is doable.

    You can have your tentacles on water maps(play wetlands). This is a water map so you can have yetis, but unfortunately those aren't implemented in the game.

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    After orcs got speed it went quite smoothly although I have to admit I had to check script to progress - I thought the objective said I can make vampires if I want to, not that I have to.
    Also, got bile demon probably sooner than I should have as I let the tunneler that spawns in graveyard dig to nearest gold. Haven't attracted a mistress. I found thug of war more difficult.
    Speed spell got stuck on the unclaimable land.

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