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    Default Ancient Keeper bugs

    I don't know if this is related to Keeperfx or just the Ancient Keeper campaign itself, but I've encountered a couple of bugs which probably should be easy to fix. In level 6 Save the Heroes the green keeper gets no minions, and in level 7 Kwan Tek's ordeal, the blue keeper gets no minions. This makes Level 6 easier and level 7 impossible to win (even killing the enemy dungeon heart does not win the level).

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    I was under the impression both of these got patched at some point. Apparently not.

    In Save the Heroes, Green doesn't have a dungeon heart. Without a heart, the game won't load in the assigned AI. Without an AI, no creatures will come and no orders will be given. It happens a lot when you're moving the heart around but generally it's something you pick up on within the first play-test. That said, it doesn't really add much to the level. Both green and blue are clearly afterthoughts that exist to take up map space.
    It's an easy fix. Just need someone to go into the map editor, drop green a heart, save and reupload.

    I believe we had a thread about Kwan-Tek's Ordeal not that long ago. Mine seems to be working so maybe it's the KFX version. Do you have an updated KFX?

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    I'm not sure, is there any way to see the version number? I downloaded the latest version just a month ago, so unless there's been an update since then I believe I have the latest version.

    By the way, are there any other custom campaigns you can recommend? Preferably not too wonky levels, and more similar to standard campaign/deeper dungeons. Ancient keeper is stretching it for my tastes.
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    I downloaded the latest version of KeeperFX two or three weeks ago and encountered exactly the same problems. No creatures for the green keeper in level 6 and no creatures for the blue keeper in level 7.

    The reason for the bug in level 7 is the blue keeper's starting money. Which is 0. Open the config file of that level and set it to 5000 or 10000 and the problem is solved. Without any money no creatures will be attracted and the AI won't act. At least that's what I read.

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    The most recent keeperfx version is almost a year old by now, and nobody has worked on it for a few months now. The problem is indeed the gold, see this bug here:

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