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Thread: Terrain Ideas

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    Default Terrain Ideas

    Shallow Water

    Shallow Water is like the dirt path, able to be claimed, but no rooms can be built on it. Slightly slows down Creatures.

    Found: Dungeon Level and OverWorld
    Deep Water

    Deep water isn't claimable, and is impassable to Ground Creatures. Creatures that fall into this water will be harmed slightly.

    Found: Dungeon Level and OverWorld
    Healing Pool

    Heals any Creature on the tile. Hostiles and Heroes are not healed by tile.

    Found: The Deep
    Webbed Ground/Wall

    Indicates "You are near Hostile/Neutral Spiders!" Halves Speed of ground Creatures. Common Sense for Spiders, and flying Creatures to not be slowed.
    Egg Sack (Spider Reintroduction? )

    Spider Egg, hatches when a Player's Creature comes near, releasing a level 4 Spider.
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