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Thread: Map doesn't load on -1Player Multiplayer

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    Default Map doesn't load on -1Player Multiplayer

    Greetings, fellow mapmakers.
    While trying to write a working multiplayer map, I hit some kind of roadblock.

    When I click the flag post, the camera zooms in on the centre of the screen instead of the flag, even though ENSIGN_POS and
    ENSIGN_ZOOM match. Then the game proceeds to load, but instead of my map, it only draws dark squares for each subtile and greets me
    with a message of instant defeat.

    Naturally I checked for map errors. First via Adikted map verification, which returned no issue, then by replacing the map00294.lof
    by a shorter map00294.lif . This had the desired effect of getting the map and script to load.
    After making sure it worked, I deleted the lif.

    The map uses the Winter textures, but this shouldn't be the cause, since many other multiplayer maps use the Ancient and the Skull relief textures.

    The last thing I checked was the level overview file itself. Since there was no obvious difference using gedit, I went over the file with ghex instead. I found that all lines end with the character 0A, while all the default mapxxxxx.lof files ended their entries with a 0D 0A character sequence*. I changed my map000294.lof to match the others. Still wouldn't load.
    Here's the File's contents, but the only difference between this and another .lof is, that it's one byte longer.

    ; KeeperFX Level Overview File (LOF)
    NAME_TEXT = DD Multi 294
    ENSIGN_POS = 432 453
    ENSIGN_ZOOM = 432 453
    PLAYERS = 4
    AUTHOR = Bullfrog
    DESCRIPTION = Original Deeper Dungeons multiplayer level
    DATE = 1997-09-15

    The wrong position for ENSIGN_ZOOM would indicate, that the game, for whatever reason ignores that entry, but the multiplayer level flag has 4 colours and shows the correct name. Is ENSIGN_ZOOM a necessary condition to load a multiplayer map?
    Is there another reason, why the map refuses to load in multiplayer, but works for Free Play Levels?

    I'd like to attach the map, in case you need to see all files.

    * Unix has a different way to recognize end of line characters than windows. Windows uses 0D 0A, Unix uses 0A.
    Doesn't seem to be it. I completed all lines with 0D 0A, but the game still wouldn't load the map.
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