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Thread: Temple avoiding avoiding scavenge is a lie.

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    Default Re: Temple avoiding avoiding scavenge is a lie.

    I see. So about 8 minutes of protection. Seems much more fair to me than 50 seconds. In my Good Keeper campaign I had a troll to boost manufacturing cause heroes are weak manufacturers but he kept being scavenged so I had to let him go. He was just sitting in the temple doing nothing useful.

    Another weird issue is vampires don't do temple. So if you get vampire scavenged is gg he's gone. haha

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    Default Re: Temple avoiding avoiding scavenge is a lie.

    You should change whatever of your own stats you find fun or enjoyable, but having one creature in the temple for a few seconds keep 3 save from scavenging for several minutes will make scavenging against another keeper completely useless.
    A scavenger room is expensive, it needs high level creatures to be effective, they need to be in it all the time and it costs money to use it.

    With your change, if your rival decides to scavenge, you build a temple and can continue to turtle. The intend is that you can only keep your creatures save in the temple so you can't go stronger and you'll have to attack or out scavenge him, in which case your rival has to dig out and attack you.

    For vampires this isn't a bug with intended behavior, combined with the high scavenging skill of the vampire and that his primary job is to scavenge it is basically determined that only one player gets vampires.
    In recent versions of KeeperFX you can use the 'must obey' spell to force your vampire to obey your command to go pray in the temple, but this makes him really upset.

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    Default Re: Temple avoiding avoiding scavenge is a lie.

    The problem with me was that I only had 1 troll. So I assume if you have 3 trolls, you place 1 in the Temple the other will be fine from scavenging. BUt if you have only 1 of a kind creature then you're screwed.

    The 1 troll i had was transfered via Transfer Creature special to boost my Good Keeper's manufacturing potential back when I was using vanilla DK creature settings.

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    Default Re: Temple avoiding avoiding scavenge is a lie.

    Even if you have just one troll, you're still not screwed.

    If you have just one troll, you have to keep it in the temple, can't use it for anything else and still have to pay the troll. You say this is unfair, but that is because you think only of yourself in this case. Your opponent also has to keep at least a single troll in the scavenging room, can't use it for anything else, still has payday for it and on top of that it costs money to scavenge.

    So you in fact are at an advantage. The downside for you is that if you mess up your dungeon planning and your troll has to go out of the temple for too long, you may lose it. But that's what your opponent is paying for. If your creatures are save from scavenging for many minutes for just a visit to the temple, there's no point in scavenging at all anymore.

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