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Thread: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    Downloaded the patch, but the game seems to have slowed to a crawl.
    or that is the question

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    The patch is meant as a joke, don't install it. It just gives all units the same stats so the game is 'balanced'.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    I will make my own version because imp is not balanced.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    This patch sucks

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    It was a joke.
    Related to this topic.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    Oh, I know. Reading that thread and this thread afterword had me literally in tears.

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    Default Re: Ultimate Balance Patch (KeeperFX)

    Quote Originally Posted by damedog View Post
    This patch sucks
    u suck git betr at balncng nerd
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