Arisen is an underwater real time strategy game, in which the player is an evil lord raised from the planet's core, intent on taking back the world for his own. But first, he must conquer the pesky human's underwater strongholds that stand in his way...

Expand your evil presence by ordering your daemons to construct a dungeon for you

You can give directions for how your dungeon should be laid out, and your familiars will do your bidding without question. Perhaps you will create an open environment to allow quick access to everything? Or maybe you lock everything behind 2 sets of doors for maximum security? The choice is yours.

Convert innocent passerby sharks and other types of fish to monsters via the Mutator

Attract different types of fish to your dungeon and suck them up through your magical device in order to create a half humanoid, half fish, all monster deity to join your growing army.

Construct rooms for your creations to live and work in

Your creatures will expect you to provide them somewhere to sleep, eat and leisure. In return they will train to increase their strength and bolster your army. They will also create defenses for you, and even go on scouting missions to discover more about the enemy.

Defeat the humans in all out war

Build and train your armies, then lead them to the human strongholds and watch as your creatures crush your opponents. Take part in the fight yourself by possessing one of your own and controlling in first person where to move and who to attack!

Defend your dungeon against attacks from human or evil alike

You may not be the only evil lord down here. Additionally the humans won't put up with your attacks for long so expect some preemptive strikes against you on their part. Create defense perimeters and lay down traps to slow their advance, and protect your core.

Play online

Take your skills online and play against other budding dark lords, and find out who deserves the top spot.

Mod the game to your liking

The player will be able to create characters, rooms and maps if they choose too, which can be shared with others via Steam Workshop. Additionally the game will feature a scripting component, so they can create their own game types and change or add creature behaviours.

Now Hiring


3D Character Artist

Description: The design and creation of the monsters that inhabit the game world.
Requirements: 3D Modelling experience, preferably using Blender.

3D Character Animator
Description: The animation of the monsters that inhabit the game world.
Requirements: 3D animation experience, preferably using Blender.

UI Artist
Description: The design and creation of the in-game graphical user interfaces, as well as the menu system.
Requirements: Understand XML, which the GUIs are built with. Experience creating textures, which can be used for the UI elements.

Game Designer
Description: To create a design document detailing all the game races, character stats, available attacks, room types, spells, dungeon defenses and so on. Additionally the creation of the game levels using the Tiled level editor. Also be able to describe how these things will be stored in configuration files to allow for modding by the user.
Requirements: RTS game play experience. Modding experience. Understand XML configuration files.

Sound Designer
Description: Design and create dark and brooding atmospheric music played during game play and dungeon creation, which is then ramped up once the fighting begins. Additionally the creation of various Sound FX required by the game.
Requirements: Experience in sound design, and creation.

Payment Plan

This will be voluntary unpaid work initially, until we work out a payment plan that will be paid from the Kickstarter and game's profits.


More information and development updates can be found on the website: