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Thread: Full Screen - Stretch or not?

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    Default Full Screen - Stretch or not?

    S'up guys. Found a curious one this evening...

    The videos/mouse when playing Keeper FX have been a bit jittery today. I wondered if it was a Win10 update and checked my laptop... same version, but the game was pristine. I think it's something to do with how the visuals scale on monitors

    On my 1650x1050 - The game stretched to fit fullscreen (and was jittery)
    On the 1366x768 - The game was fullscreen but kept the 'correct' resolution - placing those black bars on the sides (so the 'playing window' was smaller, so to speak)

    Are there any options in Keeper FX to decide whether the game stretches or simply 'square fills' (i.e. extends as far as it can go, but doesn't stretch)? Or is this more of a monitor / graphics cards thing?

    It seems the problems on the main PC might be that the visuals are stretching to fit the monitor. I've used the Win 8.1 MouseFix (so the mouse is at least not flying everywhere) - but it still stutters and seems to have hit the video as well. Anyone come across anything like it?
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    You can configure the resolution of the game with the launcher or by editing keeperfx.cfg.

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    Indeedy - Annoyingly the default 640x480x32 is the only one that runs

    The rest get really funky. Interestingly though, the mouse is more stable on one of them (though it literally just creates a small window in the top-left). Oddly, both machines are using identical settings (yet one stretches and the other boxes) - None of the settings seem to configure scaling (as in: stretching fullscreen) - Would that be more GPU?
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    I think it it's easiest to just find out why other resolutions won't work for you. The game will look and play a lot better if you're using a proper resolution, or at least a smaller one with the same aspect ratio.

    I assume you're running version 0.4.6? If not and you're running a very old version, update your game.
    What happens when you try to run the game with 1366x768x32 resolution? Does the game crash? And if so, what does the log file say?
    Can you play the game in windowed mode, and if so, can you increase the resolution then?

    You could also try to 'Force driver' in the launcher, set to 'windib' and then run with your preferred resolution.

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    You absolute star! 'Force Driver' with 'windib' solved it perfectly!

    Thank you so much!

    To quickly cover the other Q's - Sorry, yes: Nabbed the latest version and it was only the intro/menu running 640x480 (as that's more limited) - the gameplay itself was much higher. The gameplay would always run (albeit choppy) but the intro video sometimes borked when trying the lower resolutions. Winbid solved both in one go: Mouse and animations are completely fluid again (well... as much as can be expected for a 1997 game)
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    OK, that means you have a problem with your DirectX. Using windib instead of directx would solve your issues with this game, but you can expect other issues with other games as well. Happy keeping.

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    Default Re: Full Screen - Stretch or not?

    Ah ha - thank you. Do you know where I could start troubleshooting? DxDiag's reporting no errors and the 3 Acceleration features are enabled

    I have...
    9.1, 9.2, 9.3
    10.0, 10.1
    11.0, 11.1

    Is there, by chance, one I'm missing that KeeperFX might 'prefer'?

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    Default Re: Full Screen - Stretch or not?

    I have no idea. But I've played keeperfx a long time ago with an old version of DirectX, and I can run it today in Windows 10 with DirectX, and never had any such problems.

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