Hello everyone
I'm new to this forum but not new to DK.
until a week ago I've modded the official maps with the editorPro by changing only the creature stats and worked perfectly.
When i recently discovered i could edit the level variables i edited the variables such as "Creature Anger with other Hated creature"
(what causes the "A has become unhappy because it is in the company of creatures it hates")
Or Creature Training Room Max Level (Normally 4) to 10 and Mana Max Generation from 500 to 1000 i was extremely happy and everything worked perfectly until the end of the level
Only that i've got this issue that when i complete the level,the camera simply locks to the "Press Spacebar to Skip or Escape to continue the game" without Horny appearing to pick up the portal gem so it stays there forever.
It doesn't freeze the game itself,but prevents me from acting in any way.
How can i solve this?