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    Default screen resolution

    I’m currently using keeperfx_ccp_0_4_6

    The screen resolution seems to be different from keeperfx_ccp_0_40 which I was using. I play it in windowed. If I press Alt + R it changes it to full screen though the screen resolution stays the same where keeperfx_ccp_0_40 changes the screen resolution.

    It appears to play in 8bit I think, I have added an image to see the difference.

    I would like keeperfx_ccp_0_4_6 to be windowed like keeperfx_ccp_0_40 with the same screen size/ resolution
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    Default Re: screen resolution

    Then use the launcher or keeperfx.cfg to change the resolution settings to whatever you prefer.

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    Default Re: screen resolution

    I've played with the launcher even copied over the config file from keeperfx_ccp_0_40 to keeperfx_ccp_0_4_6. Still the same issue. The screen resolution in game I use INGAME_RES=640x480x32 1024x768x32

    If you look at the screenshoot the in the game on keeperfx_ccp_0_40 menu controls they are a lot smaller then keeperfx_ccp_0_4_6. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong

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    Default Re: screen resolution

    Press alt+r inside a level to switch between the two resolutions listed. Note that in in 0.4.0 the sidebar was not resized, so became smaller on higher resolutions (far too small on very high resolutions) but on recent versions the sidebar is resized on high resolutions so it always fills the entire height of the screen. This way you should have no problem doing 1280x1024x32.

    Look at the quality of the creature icons, the menu of your monitor, or make a screenshot to see which resolution you're in.

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    Default Re: screen resolution

    Glad you told me about the menu bar. I feel like a noob lol. After looking at the creatures energy bars above their heads the graphic looks good. I thought since the menu to left wasn't changing the resolution wasn't working.

    Just one other question, the windowed size (when playing in windowed) can that be changed in size?

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    Default Re: screen resolution

    Sure, by configuring the resolution. (E.g. 1024x768w32)

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    Default Re: screen resolution

    Thanks for the info

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