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    Does anyone else ever play KeeperFX in Japanese? I've noticed that "Your creatures are falling in battle" and "Your minions are winning a battle" are still in English.

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    In order for that to be fixed it needs to be known if the Japanese versions of these sounds are available. You can use DKsound.exe on the sound\speech_jpn.dat file to play the included speeches, and tell is if they are included or not.
    If not, do you happen to know if the correct speeches were played in the original game?

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    I've just had a look at the Japanese speech file using that utility, and igame010.wav and igame011.wav are the English speeches.

    Have you heard of Dungeon Keeper Premium? That's the Japanese version of the original game (I'm not sure why it's called Premium). I've seen videos of it on YouTube, and I don't recall any of it being in English. I assume that's where the Japanese text and speech come from, as they're the same.

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    If you can get that version of the game, and it has the Japanese voices, it should also come with a speech file. You could get the sound from there and it will be included in the next version of the game for sure.
    Or if you can come up with the Japanese version any other way also works. But for a European who doesn't speak any Japanese it is difficult to do.
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    The only place I've seen it for sale is Amazon Japan, but I don't know if they do international shipping. I had to type it in Japanese (ダンジョンキーパープレミアム) to get anything.

    Not sure if it will be of any use, but I have the Dungeon Keeper Premium website:

    I tried downloading the demo but it didn't work.

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    As long as you get the voice somehow. Perhaps you can ask on a Japanese gaming forum somewhere if anybody has a Japanese version of the game with the correct Japanese speeches.

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    If I can find one. But I'm nowhere near fluent in Japanese .

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    Then I suggest to play the game in English and wait for somebody from Japan to come here who wants the original Japanese sounds in KeeperFX.

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    I normally play it in English anyway, but occasionally feel like having it in Japanese. Not only am I trying to learn it (I play plenty of Japanese video games), but it sounds rather cool. It was of course during a game in Japanese I noticed this problem.

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    I still haven't been able to track down a copy of DK Premium that's a reasonable price and ships to where I am . I was wondering; would it be possible to simply remove the Engligh Speech wav files from the Japanese dat file? Would it still work then? At least there would be no out-of-place English.

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