Tali takes a deep breath as she stands at the entrance of the Heart Chamber. She shakes tremendously as she releases the air from her, revealing her inner feelings of anxiety. Mistress Valira had just left her there, speaking so cold and uncaring towards her. Tali had just cured her of her curse, yet Valira still seemed quite upset with her. While her Mistress might not be the most expressive, Tali has always felt some warmth from Valira when she acts towards her. Yet, this time, Tali could only feel the cold air around her. What did Tali do to anger her Mistress so? Did Valira wish for her to stay behind instead of running off to slay Tentacles in the name of Imps? Did Tali betray her by leaving her alone while she was ill? Tali's heart aches with pain at the thought that she has somehow disappointed Mistress Valira. She has always looked up to Valira, and still does.

"Oh, hey. How's it going?"

Tali jumps and takes a step back, suddenly seeing the speaker as a black-robed Vampire standing right in front of her. How did she not notice him suddenly appear before her? Clearly it had to do with some powerful Vampire magic that all of his wicked kin possessed, just like her evil Mistress. These dark powers are what Tali only dreams of possessing, hoping that one day she will be worthy and that her Mistress will be able to teach her such ancient magic.

The Vampire before Tali resumes speaking and asks, "A bit rude to be eaves dropping, don't you think?" Tali swallows nervously, trying to be careful with how she responds. The last thing she ever wants to do is anger a Vampire, and she may have already done so already... "Um... I..." Tali tries to answer clearly but struggles heavily, only mumbled words manage to come out, "I wasn't... doing anything to upset you..." Tali's voice trails off as the Vampire simply shrugs, "You're kind of cute for a mortal anyways so no hard feelings. You got this white hair thing going. It's all the rage in the land below the ground under the ground." Shaking, Tali takes another deep breath, "Y-Yes... I do have white hair, and with this white hair I..." Tali blinks, suddenly realizing she has no idea what she's trying to say.

Remembering what she's supposed to be doing and that her Mistress is waiting for her in the Guard Room, Tali blurts out, "I have to speak to Tesonu!" Tali slowly steps forward, dragging her unsteady feet along past the Vampire, hoping to not have angered him. If she came off as too rude and disrespectful, he could vaporize her in an instant with black Vampire magic that she hardly understands. Tali has yet to prove her worth to Master Tesonu; he will likely not care if she goes. Such is the way of the evil life. Breathing heavily, Tali closes her eyes as she tries to prepare herself to speak before her Master. She can't seem to make her nervous feelings disappear, as she reflects in her voice, "T-Tesonu, u-uh-I mean-M-Master Tesonu! I've come to... to... join the hunt! Yes, I will join in the killing of those evil, undeserving Tentacles! Er... that is, if you do not mind... I will be in the Guard Room irregardless!"

Tali hurries out of the Heart Chamber, unable to shake the feeling that perhaps she just embarrassed herself further. How shamefully terrible a Knight she is turning out to be. She can't even present herself before her Master without messing up somehow. Her Mistress is probably angrier with her for taking needless time to drop a simple message by Tesonu. Tali takes a few more deep breaths as she rushes through the dungeon, not even stopping for a quick bite despite her temptations. She's not quite sure when she last ate, but she cannot stop for even a moment. She cannot afford to disappoint either her Mistress nor her Master any more than she probably already has. If she can prove herself this time, then maybe, maybe then they will find some redeeming value in her. Tali has to believe that maybe there is some hope for her yet.

Tali finally arrived in the Guard Room, finding Valira and a beefy, familiar looking Orc. "Mistress Valira!" Tali greets, her voice appearing to crack up a bit. Valira doesn't even look at her, instead focusing on what seems to be the Steel Door leading out of Tesonu's dungeon. Tali swallows nervously, taking another deep breath to try and calm herself. Stepping closer, Tali resumes talking but in a much quieter tone to try and avoid annoying her Mistress, "I... did as you asked, my wonderfully evil and beautiful Mistress... Um... I told Master Tesonu that I... we... are going on the hunt." Valira doesn't seem to even acknowledge her presence, staring blanking at what is straight ahead of her. "M-Mis-tress?" Tali chokes.

"You alright?" The beefy looking Orc suddenly asks, his voice incredibly deep. Tali looks at him, puzzled for a moment but then responds, "Y-Y... I'm fine... My Mistress..." The Orc suddenly adds, "You sound like ya might be crying underneath all that armor." "W-What? I'm... I'm not..." Tali insists as she shakes her head. She immediately takes off her helmet without thinking, only to pause momentarily to really look at and check herself. Her vision is a bit blurry and her cheeks seem to be wet. Reaching up and touching her face, Tali finally realizes it to be true. She shakes her head, trying to cover her face as it turns red from sheer embarrassment. Why is her heart beating so fast and so hard against her chest? What is wrong with her? Why can't she control herself?

Tali suddenly feels a big, meaty hand patting her on the back. "I don't know why ya crying right now... But if you're gonna go on that Tentacle hunt the boss mentioned, then you best sober up and collect yourself. I've seen ya fight an' I think you're pretty darn good if I may say so myself. I've been meaning to pay my respects." Tali swallows as she attempts to hold back her tears. She slowly takes another deep breath before finally replying in a quiet voice, "Th-Thank you..." The Orc nods his head in acknowledgement before Tali puts her helmet back on, turning back to her Mistress.

Mistress Valira wasn't moving at all. She didn't make any gestures to even acknowledge what is going on around her. Tali can't help but feel that something is wrong. The Dim Knight steps towards her Mistress and calls out, "Mistress Valira!" No response. Desperate to get her Mistress' attention, Tali reaches out and grabs her hand. Almost like some sort of reflect, Valira turns to Tali so quickly that she causes the Knight to jump and take a step back. Tali's heart skips a beat, fearing that she may have awakened her Mistress' wrath. Yet... Valira simply stands there, staring straight into Tali's eyes. Valira's stare is completely unnerving, quickly working to disarm any control Tali managed to get over herself. Her eyes are unlike anything Tali has seen before; the only way she can describe them as is being deader than dead.

"Mistress...?" Tali suddenly chokes out, "A-Are you alright?" Valira continues to stare at Tali, causing her heart to race. Tali does not dare to speak a word nor to look away, despite desperately wanting to hear her Mistress at least speak to acknowledge that she still exists. She must wait for when her Mistress desires to respond, no matter how much this dreadful silence makes her heart ache. Valira suddenly turns back to staring at the Steel Door before answering with a soft whisper, "I am fine... Tali..." She says no more, leaving Tali alone in silence again.

Tali takes in a few more deep breaths, trying to calm herself before finally being able to speak again, "Are you... mad at me... Mistress Valira?" Valira doesn't say a word in response. Tali waits patiently for an answer, but it never comes. She got to hear her voice once, at least, but Mistress Valira did not appear interested in her at all. Is she too late to prove herself? Has she already disappointed her Mistress to the point that she is no longer any use to her? Tali closes her eyes, trying to find some place of calmness in her mind. Throughout all of her memories, the only time where she found that place of calmness is beside her Mistress. Her Mistress now ignores her and does not want her anymore. Why? Never before has she ever acted so from what Tali can recall. What did Tali do to finally upset her so? Why can't her heart just stop beating entirely?

Tali Health: 47%
Armor Health: 50%
Level: 4
Experience: 42/45
Gold in Hand: 0
Gold in Lair: 0
Equipment: Swordy
Location: Guard Room
Status: Anxiety
Efficiency: 60%
Tali informed Tesonu that she and Valira are volunteering for the hunt, then left and went straight to the Guard Room where Valira waited. She struggles to grab Valira's attention as she's certain Valira is upset with her for some reason.