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Thread: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    yes i've tried launching directly from keeperfx.exe in the folder, after editing keeperfx.cfg. INGAME_RES also tried default, 1024x768x32 and 1600x900x32 separately each time.

    i also tried different values for FRONTEND_RES without launcher, and manually editing keeperfx.cfg, first the default 640x480x32 then 1024x768x32, but no difference. the loading screens and menu still is stretched full screen for 4:3 aspects.

    i ran keeperfx on a third PC which is a core 2 duo laptop with win 8.1 and integrated intel graphics too, and it works fine like the 660ti. so maybe intel HD 4600 renders differently =/ i'll try to figure out why launcher cannot find the keeperfx.exe/readme/log file, when it is in the same directory.

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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    And you do realize you can only press Alt+R ingame, not on the main menu? Because the log file says you have 640x480 resolution. Change the config manually to just list 1600x900x32, just the one. Start a game through keeperfx.exe, open a map, press Alt+R. Make a screenshot, exit the game. Then share the log and the screenshot if still not right.

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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    umm yeah i know you can only do alt+r in game. 1600x900x32 works in game, but for 4:3 aspects like 1024x768x32, it does not add black bars, compared to the other 2 PCs that i tried a fresh install+keeperfx on, they add black bars for 1024x768 if game is started through launcher.

    how it runs on 1920x1080p PC with 660ti: first title screen keeps aspect, loading CD is circle (same aspect as previous), menu also kept aspect. in game 1920x1080p is widescreen, alt+R switch to 1024x768 it adds black bars on both sides so 4:3 aspect is kept.

    here's how it looks on my 1600x900 PC: first title screen is stretched, the red loading CD is oval (stretched), menu is stretched (fullscreen), in game 1600x900 works as intended (widescreen), alt+R switch to 1024x768 does not keep aspect.

    my goal is to get 1024x768 to work like it does on the other 2 PCs. thing is my launcher cannot find the game, and i have HD 4600.

    1600x900x32 (all good with this)

    Change the config manually to just list 1600x900x32, just the one:
    ; Path to the DK files. Usually leaving it as "./" will work.
    ; How many of the game files are on disk; irrelevant option.
    ; Language definition; sets options for displaying texts.
    ; Keyboard definition; irrelevant.
    ; File format in which screenshots are written; BMP or HSI.
    ; Three frontend resolutions: failsafe, movies and menu resolution.
    FRONTEND_RES=640x480x32 640x480x32 640x480x32
    ; Original DK resolutions were FRONTEND_RES=320x200x8 320x200x8 640x480x8
    ; List of in-game resolutions. ALT+R will switch between them.
    ;Original DK resolutions were INGAME_RES=320x200x8 640x400x8
    ; Mouse pointer movement speed; 100 percent means normal OS speed
    ; Censorship - originally was ON only if language is german.


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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    The launcher doesn't do anything beyond changing this setting in the config file. And the log file says you've successfully got the game in 1600x900, and you say you're happy with that, so that's fine.
    But I get it, you want the game in 1024x768 and not stretched but centered. I don't have a widescreen monitor so can't help you by playing around with mine. The fresh installs on the other pc's were with the same version of the game? If not, it could be that the older versions center and the newest version stretches.

    I've not heard of people having problems with the launcher not finding the game. I do notice you have an unusual installation directory, it shouldn't be a problem but it might. Could you change your directory from D:\00\dungeon keeper gold\ to d:\keeperfx\ and see if that helps with the launcher issue?

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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    yup same exact versions like my OP with default configs for both.

    it's probably my intel 4600 that is the problem -_- dont mind the resolution issue then.

    will try reinstalling fresh to D:\keeperfx later then, thanks.

    Edit: still didnt work with fresh install.

    this is what i get when click start game:

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    Default Re: Can't change resolution to keep 4:3 aspect

    Really strange, especially because the launcher is saying the game is ready to start. I have no idea why.

    Doesn't really matter though, launching through the launcher is pointless anyway, as all it does is putting in another step before launching the game. Just make a desktop shortcut to keeperfx.exe instead and put the command line options you like there.

    Sorry I wasn't more of a help.

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