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Thread: Dungeon Keeper Screenshots

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    Lightbulb Dungeon Keeper Screenshots

    Welcome Keepers! (is the right board?)

    New thread with the purpose to share screenshots from the original game or from a mod you play/made.

    Vampires clan war


    Bile Demon fart while eating


    Troll reading book.


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    I catched a cool behavior from heroes:


    As you can see, most will follow blue arrow directly to player's dungeon heart, and a smaller group will follow the greens arrows.
    I have no idea why it happens but I like it!

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    My guess is that the green bunch of heroes is to far away for the normal pathfinding algorithm so that they follow 'wallhug' instead.

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper Screenshots

    @ watler253:

    Why your have arrow?

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    I just love the atmosphere in the games so much, especially DK1, that I tend to screencap like crazy.

    Enemy bile demons leave dungeon after the enemy Heart is destroyed:

    The Avatar issues a challenge:

    Gandalf shoots care bear magic:

    I really love DK fairies, for some reason. They also have an awesome rack:

    Dragons vs Avatar, balls to the wall:

    Wimpy knight battles flies:

    Red vs green brawl:

    A picture someone posted on the WFTO forum a long time ago. With this many Reapers, you might wanna hide all the chickens:

    Mistresses hate fairies, except when they're on the torture wheel:

    Even Reapers bite the dust:

    Mistresses and warlock teamup:
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