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Thread: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    New to this forum entirely, stumbled upon it almost entirely by accident, but I am very excited to see that the original Dungeon Keeper still has so many dedicated fans!

    I know my way around code, and would love to contribute to this project in some way if I could. There seems to be a lot of updates already, so I am currently trying to orient myself with the current status.

    This is both an update/fix, and several new campaigns, correct?

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    If you've never played KeeperFX before, it's basically a re-coding of the original game, originally designed to make it fully compatible with modern systems, but also to correct certain bugs, oversights and balance issues. It does include a high number of custom campaigns and maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damedog View Post
    I know my way around code, and would love to contribute to this project in some way if I could. There seems to be a lot of updates already, so I am currently trying to orient myself with the current status.

    This is both an update/fix, and several new campaigns, correct?
    Welcome. The KeeperFX website is down for the moment, but the wiki should quickly tell you what it's about. Basically what Gmame said is correct. Mefistotelis has been rewriting the original dungeon keeper, while using the original game for the bits that have not been rewritten yet so it remains playable. And it indeed features the possibility to run effortlessly on modern systems, in an higher resolution, with countless bug fixes and some new functionality.

    Having somebody wanting to contribute is great, unfortunately the project is in a rough state at the moment. For a long time Mefistotelis worked on the remake mostly alone, until two years ago he accepted help from two other contributors. They did not stay for long, but checked in code that was not up to standards he was accustomed to, so he branched off from before the contributions, continued work on this branch he named stable and refactored the contributed code before introducing it into his new branch. The idea was that ones finished one would be the 'stable' branch where only completed and well tested features would be introduced, and one development branch for anybody to contribute. This was never finished, and Mefisotelis' private and professional life took over and this hobby project has not been worked on for over a year. He fully intends to continue in the future.
    The project was left hanging, so as you have probably read in the first post of this topic, I made a fork where I took out the partial/broken stuff and balanced the levels around the latest changes so we sort of have a 'final' and well playable version.

    That leaves you in a pickle on how to contribute. You have a few options:
    - Contact Mefistoteliz to work on the 'official' keeperfx that's on hiatus.
    - Contact me to work on the 'unofficial' keeperfx, but realize that might complicate matters when/if work on the official branch continues.
    - Make your own fork

    I realize neither of these options are ideal, and it is such a shame because having people volunteer who can actually do something is always wonderful.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    Find the pathfinding bug.
    Slay the pathfinding bug.

    This is your calling. This is your quest.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    I see. That's understandable as badly written code can be more of a hindrance than a help. In that sense i'd rather get a look at the unofficial FX and work with it until I get my bearings, so to speak.

    I've also been a Dungeon Master in Dungeon and Dragons tabletop for years, a job very similar to the Keeper in some ways, so look out for advanced A.I scripts (especially a good dungeon invasion one) and good level design I plan to make as future projects.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    I would like to thank you for all the hard work you continue to put into KeeperFX. I recently started using your unofficial version and it has been great. I can't remember any crash at all. I started a playthrough of the Good Campaign on my channel that I was just finishing up if you guys want to see what the unofficial version looks like. In this one you play as the Good guys. And its one of the better custom campaigns in my opinion. Below here I posted a few of the better levels.

    Part 10:

    Part 11:

    Part 12:

    Part 13:

    Part 14 which is the best mission in the Campaign:

    And the
    Final part 15 of the Good Campaign here:

    The final mission of the Good Campaign is really the only one that bugged out on me. Being unable to destroy the door leading to the Dungeon Heart. The Horned Reapers in the room in front were also bugged fighting the same door I couldn't break. Besides this I played the entire campaign without any incidents and it even played(to my recollection) better then the older version of KeeperFX.

    I am now going to continue on my journey of the Unofficial version by playing the original campaign: and part 2: and 3:

    Just would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into the unofficial version of KeeperFX. Keep up the good work because it runs great. I might even delve into editor because I've always wanted to create my own campaign since I was younger. But I would need to look up some guides at how to do that first. I would love to create another campaign where you play as the good guys. Those sprites don't get enough love in my opinion. And I want to contribute to make the greatest game known to man even better. The surprise I had a couple of years ago when I came across KeeperFX was immense and I keep coming back to my childhood favorite. It really is the best game ever.

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    Thanks. There's no good work to 'keep up' though, I released this to be more or less a 'final' version. I've watched a bit of one of your videos, where you died a few times in New Game+ campaign. Interesting to see where people are having difficulties. (Small hint: Watch for room efficiency as it really matters. Also, in most maps turtling is counter-productive, playing faster is easier.)

    Making maps is easy, making maps that are fun to play a lot more difficult. This wiki page has all you need to now on how to make a campaign. And I've written down some guidelines on how to make maps fun.

    If you like campaigns with heroes, I believe this one fits the bill.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6

    Thanks for the tips. I did get my ass whopped in that mission of the New Game+ mission and I will redo it playing a lot more aggressively. They did fix up the enemy Keeper AI in that level in the campaign, he even took out the heroes and then rushed me(Look in comparison to my play through of this mission in the regular campaign: it was a walk in the park in comparison). I can't wait to replay this mission now that I have actually completed another campaign again. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to start with New Game+ when not playing the game for a year or so. Also thanks for the new hero campaign that you showed me, just installed it and will check it out.

    I am going to check out how to start making maps. Also read a couple of your threads about map making which were very interesting. I'm also going to play your level which you made here and make video of it. Just to get a little comparison going between a regular campaign mission and one of your custom maps. Reading about it it sounds awesome. Thanks again for the link to another hero campaign. I do love me those hero sprites. I will probably become active on this forum from now on as I really want to get into the map making side of things as well. Will follow your helpful guide to start.

    Already a random off-topic question: Would it be possible to combine both hero and creature pools so you could attract from both of these pools to your dungeon. Or is it just either hero or creature?
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    I made the NG+ campaign to be not much different from the original campaign, but the original campaign is mostly tutorial and can easily be abused by using transferred creatures. The main changes are that rival keepers get a bit of a boost, transfer specials need to be earned and I made the imp-slapping secret levels more interesting.
    In that light, I've got to warn you. The 6 custom levels I made keep in mind that most people playing custom maps now have quite some experience with the game, and are more difficult than the regular campaign. Some of the maps will really kick your ass when you keep the playstyle you have now, but if you're up for a challenge: enjoy.

    And the game makes no real difference between heroes and creatures. You can mix and match heroes/creatures coming from the portals just fine, just like you can also make 'hero parties' with all/some creatures in them.

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    I'm having a ball playing this game and also currently using KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6. However I find imps to behave oddly, especially when asked to mine gems, more often than not imps will just leave gems after a bit and simply go do some other tasks. It seems like mining gems is no longer a priority for them. On some levels it's quite a pain to manually take every imps back to the gems, only solution I found was using locked doors. Does anyone have the same issue regarding the imps?
    Also when playing Kari-mar from Deeper Dungeons, Yellow keeper races through heroes pockets and that's auto-win every time I tried. I don't know if any of this come from KeeperFX 0.4.6 Unofficial, which I'm grateful for, but the imp thingie is annoying.
    Thanks for your input!

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