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Thread: Red Crystal Islands

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    Default Red Crystal Islands

    Ruler: Father Pleasant
    Affiliation: Kingdom of Heavenarius

    Current Players
    Keeper Kuroki: RPG Keeper
    Magdeburg: Allies
    Keeper Rattus: Primary Enemy


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RCI map2.png 
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Size:	280.3 KB 
ID:	1181

    Dungeon Heart Health: 100%
    Current Gold: 20593/36000
    Current Mana: 4336

    Total Imps: 11
    8 gold mining
    2 expanding
    1 reinforcing

    Research in Progress:
    Hold Audience 50%

    Research Done:
    Create Imp
    Create Gold
    Sight of Evil
    Speed Monster

    Combat Pit
    Guard Room
    Torture Chamber

    Manufactured Items Ready:

    Special Items:
    Resurrect Creature

    Available Creatures and Heroes:

    Bile Demon
    Demon Spawn
    Dark Elf
    Black Knight

    Human Archer
    Elven Archer

    General Orders:
    Stay inside Dungeon.
    Fight Grub in the combat pit, if you dare. (Don't insta kill him!)
    Yidra: Torture a fly.
    Sunia & Wernslow: Explore south of lake island and identify the creature in there.

    Research Orders:
    Hold Audience
    Call to Arms

    Manufacture Orders:
    -Prioritize as listed
    1 steel door
    10 braced doors

    Prisoners: 2/7
    Jim Bob, the Level 4 Goblin [Training Room (tied up to a target]
    Grub, the level 3 Bile Demon [Combat Pit]
    Ripper, the level 2 Demon Spawn [Prison]

    Tortured Captives: 0/4
    Flattery, the Level 2 Fly [Yid]

    Rotting Corpses:
    Outside: 6 (2 Barbarians, 2 Thieves, Ririi, Buzzard, Luna, Chester)

    Sacrifice Power:
    Temple Needed

    Creature Records: 12/15

    Active Creatures

    Inactive Creatures

    Not into the Dungeon

    Currently dead Creatures

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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    Welcome to the Red Crystal Islands, a paradise for explorers and adventurers alike. Underground rivers flow through these lands, splitting it into islands and caverns - a real challenge for dungeon expansion and defense.

    Greetings, creatures of darkness. I am Keeper Kuroki. Unlike most keepers, I believe enemies should be given a chance to surrender instead of viciously attacking them on sight. However, if they refuse our generosity, we shall show them no mercy and make them beg for death's cold embrace.

    This land is plagued by the so-called "heroes", who seem to have set up several outposts and other facilities in these lands. Apart from them, there is also another keeper in these lands. A keeper who does not approve of my methods. A keeper who have refused my generosity when he was offered a chance to surrended. A keeper who should not be allowed to live for much longer.

    Now that you are aware of what these lands offer and what an employment under me brings, let us get down to bussiness. You 2 imps dig us a 3x3 corridor west of the Lair for the Library - but don't breach the outside wall. Other 2 imps - dig the gold around the Treasury, but NOT the southern piles. We wouldn't want to leave the safety of these walls yet. Not until we get at least several creatures under my guidance.
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    Quiet Deadly Assassinating Female Goblin

    Ririi climbed quickly up the Portal, and took a few deep breaths once she reached the dungeon of Keeper Kuroki. Climbing was no problem for Ririi, but she had been hungry the entire trip. Ririi looked behind her and saw no real sepperation between the Portal and the Treasure Room. Both were of equal size. The whole dungeon looked a bit cramped.

    Ririi hurried over to the Hatchery and was slightly disappointed by its small size. She ignored it for the time being and stabbed a chicken with her sword. She then slowly ate it from the now bloody weapon.

    Ririi didn't have much use for her sword, as she always used her knife when she assassinated her enemies. She was confident in her abilities, but she knew her limits on the battlefield.

    After enjoying the single chicken, Ririi went over to the Lair and created her bed in the north-east corner, where she could hear the beating of the Dungeon Heart. It was a simple matress, but there was also a spot for her sword, gold, and knife nearby. Ririi listened for the gentle beating heart of her new master, and followed it to the Dungeon Heart.

    "Hello Keeper Kuroki," Ririi bowed, "I am Ririi, a Goblin of high stealth abilities. I fall to my knees for you, my new master. If there be any order you have for me, I will fufill it within reason. You can rely on me as a scout and spy. As I see you have no rooms I can apply my skills in, I shall watch over your imps as I do not wish to sleep unless told otherwise by you. I will take care, seeing as how I am your first and only creature."

    Ririi took her time making her way over to the imps she saw mining the gold. She carefully watched with her sword ready, not wishing to use a knife without true stealth.

    This dungeon is quite empty... I wonder how new this keeper is and if I should trust him with my life...

    Name: Ririi
    Health: 200/100%
    Level: 1
    Mood: Calm
    Gold: 0
    Job: Guarding Imps Mining Gold
    Location: Treasury

    Summery: Ririi climbed up, ate a chicken, created her Lair in the north-east corner, and introduced herself to the Dungeon Keeper and began guarding the imps mining gold.
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    Keeper Kuroki:
    "Ah, my first creature have arrived. Welcome to my dungeon, Ririi. I apologize for the currently cramped rooms, but I am trying to keep a low profile at the moment until I can amass a suitable army. There are heroes lurking nearby, so it is safer for us to just stay hidden here at the moment. Since there is currently no Training Room around here, you are free to rest until one is built.

    Imps, leave that gold for now. We need a place for our Training Room. Dig us a 5x3 (west-east 5 panels, north-south 3 panels) spot north of the Hatchery."

    *Casts "Create Imp", then speaks to the newly-created imp*

    "You help with the digging north of the Hatchery."
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    "Ah, the imps have finally finished tunneling and clearing to the west. I can finally create a Library there."

    Kuroki's hand of evil appears above the cleared space and started moving diagonally from one of the corners to the other. As it moved, ground began to rise and took shape of bookshelves, desks and chairs. As dirt fell to the ground, it revealed the objects which it covered - bookshelves, desks and chairs whose shapes it seemed to take. When all of dirt was removed from the objects, the ground started to take shape of isolation carpeting, thus finishing the room's creation. All of this took only few seconds.

    "All imps, help with the digging to the east."

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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    Quiet Deadly Assassinating Female Goblin

    Ririi was leaning against the wall with comeplete boredom. She sighed as she watched the imps mining away. She began throwing her knife in the air and catching it for fun. Unfortunately, the game quickly became stale and Ririi realized she might as well sit quiet.

    With one last toss, the knife ventured out of her reach and was about to go down the portal. Ririi quickly ran to it and grabbed it yet almost fell down herself. She grabbed the Portal's pillars for support and sighed.

    I wish I just had someone else to be with other than these imps...

    Ririi heard news of the Library being comeplete, and began walking over to the Lair to see it. She saw the small Library and laughed.

    "With all due respect, my lord, how is that going to get us Warlocks?" Ririi then smiled, "Maybe I shouldn't be complaining. In my experiance, Warlocks will only steal the little gold you have."

    Ririi ventured over to the Hatchery and watched the Imps as they mined the Training Room's area.

    Name: Ririi
    Health: 200/100%
    Level: 1
    Mood: Calm
    Gold: 0
    Job: Watching Imps Mine
    Location: Hatchery

    Summery: Ririi was bored and almost dropped her knife and herself down the Portal. She saw the Library and laughed at its small size and began watching the Imps mine out the Training Room.
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    The Mentor

    The rolling ocean surges just beneath the low ceiling of the underworld. It is a relentless force of nature that rules this realm, the water itself roars the lament of waves; the sound booms through the immense fissure to the point of being deafening. The ocean can never be silenced. But then, without prior warning, it is.

    The roar is replaced; by a familiar voice.

    “Ahhhh! Keeper Kuroki! I’m happy you made it into the underworld unassisted; I may even push an arachnophobic into the spiderpit of Westfield in celebration! But first I must welcome you to your foremost foot hold in this disgustingly… cheerful, continent.

    “Just as I briefed you prior to this, your new land is remote and infrequently visited by adventures that seem to think nature and scenery look its best when it is not ablaze with fire and inferno. These adventures, not bothering to destroy lands, used their extra time to do such things as write books, compose poetry, think about the Avatar their god and draw pictures. It’s a sickening thought. That’s why I was expecting your new land to be empty of any major presences; this land is remote after all; aside from some novice keeper to the North East who I have … not had the pleasure to meet.

    “Although there is a mortal, a most irritable mortal, with an even more irritable name of Farther Pleasant. He is responsible for the Church of the Avatar’s dealings in the Southern coasts. This man only engages in battle because he believes the Avatar trusts him with the responsibility of holding sins. Holding sins is a past time, not a responsibility! I detest this man. My informants even know confirm that the Heroes in this land work under his banner.

    “Why a preacher of the people would come to a land devoid of people is intriguing; I do hope he came to his senses and killed the Archbishop of Blossemvalley and is now enjoying an early retirement… but I doubt it. It seems he has a major operation going on here… yes, not just clergy men but soldiers and historians. Keeper, it may aid your advancement through this land to find out what dark secretes this Farther Pleasant is indulging in. He must be eager to hide them if even I don’t know of them.

    “And it seems you have some competition! Keeper Rattus seems to be spying on the operations as well- this will make things interesting! As you’ve no doubt discovered by now he’s keeping himself to himself. If ever you feel like breaking your tiresome concept of honor Keeper, please tell me; I enjoy watching rats squirm.”
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    "And whilst I'm here, a new species of creature has entered your dungeon."

    Chuckles the Morbidly Depressed Spider crawled his finger like legs over the lip of the portal and edged onto Keeper Kuroki's land.

    He remained on that spot unmoving for a moment of reflection;



    Chuckles, in no hurry crawled to Kuroki's dungeon heart.

    His abdomen inflated before letting a heavy sigh pass between his mandibles.

    "Morning Keeper."

    Chuckle's eight oddly placed eyes all stared lazily at a spot of gravel on the tiled floor.

    "I am Chu- mmhm... My name is .... mhmmph ... I am a Spider."

    Chuckle's overly long front leg scratched the ground in depression.

    "What would you like me to research? Not that it makes any difference in the end..."

    Chuckles was feeling depressed.

    Summery: Chuckles entered Keeper Kuroki's realm and introduced himself, but refusing to give his name. He asked what his keeper wanted him to research.
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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    Kuroki listened to Mentor's voice quietly and after Mentor finished his speech, Kuroki noticed that his imps have almost finished clearing the area for the Training Room.

    "Ah, the imps have finally finished their digging. Now I can make a Training Room!"

    With this said, Kuroki's hand of evil moved to a corner of the newly-dug area and started moving diagonally. As it moved, human-shaped figures seemingly made from soil rose from the ground, as well as several other objects. Soon, human-shaped dry soil cracked and fell apart, revealing the training dummies beneath it. Dirt seeped from the other objects, revealing training targets and mace-posts. When on floor, the soil broke apart into dirt and, along with all the dirt that was already there, morphed into a solid Training Room carpeting.

    "4 of you imps go and dig that gold, we're running low and I still need to expand the Training Room - and prefarably the Library. Last imp should reinforce the Library's walls."

    "Ririi, you can now get some training done. I apologize for the small size of the Training Room, but don't worry. It will be expanded as soon as imps dig some more gold."

    "Ah, welcome to my realm, uh... Spider. Since I'll need to expand my dungeon over all this water that surrounds us, I would like you to start researching us a Bridge."

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    Default Re: Red Crystal Islands

    The dungeon heart.

    "The bridge."

    "Why bother."

    "The water will only rot the wood and it will waist away and the only alternative to that is sticking to the same un-fulfilling job of holding up imps for 37 years with out ever getting a glance at any new interesting job opportunities and at the end of it your master wont even bother to learn your own name even though you put in the effort to walk to his dungeon heart and introduce your self."

    Chuckles let out a moan

    "But I guess that's life."

    It took Chuckles an increbidly long time to pull him self to The Library. A web was dragging behind him on the green carpet of the lair, this web detached from Chuckles and what was left was was a very half-hearted lair.

    The Library

    When he finally got there he saw the walls were bear damp rock with out torchlight and there sat but one lonely book stack at the centre of the room.

    "This is very d... mmmm... what's the word I'm looking for? It's on the tip of my fangs...."

    Chuckles slowly flicked the page of a book over and started staring down a page about bridges and why the don't have carpets.

    "Uuughh... this might as well be slave labour."

    "So why are we campaigning in this realm Keeper. Why does it all matter."

    Chuckles didn't seem that interested in an answer, infact, he seemed to stop moving altogether.

    Summery: Chuckles moaned about Keeper Kuroki not learning his name, started researching the bridge and asked his Keeper what they where doing in the Red Crystal Isles.
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