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Thread: Custom Map on working in Skirmish

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    I'm just awaiting the day one can play a non-broken version of this game without being lucky and having an earlier install or finding some obscure and not so very legal download somewhere.

    How are they just gonna release a patch that ruins the game instead of fixing it, then wash their hands of it and walk away. Dafuq.

    Local company ruins everything

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    Well, in fairness 1.5 also broke more stuff than it fixed compared to 1.3, so I understand they didn't want to release yet another update.
    That being said, I think it's also shameful that GOG released it in this stage, for them it should be quite manageable to at least fix this and the creature spawn bug. That latter one is fixed by just replacing the 1.7 maps with the set of corrected maps.

    But hey, if you manage to fix the pathfinding bug in KeeperFX you may come and pick up my disk version of DK2 and I'll poor you a beer to go along with it.

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