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Thread: Possible Bug on Level 20 - Original Campaign

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    Default Possible Bug on Level 20 - Original Campaign

    Okay, sorry in advance if this has been discussed before, but search didn´t get me any results.

    Anyway, i played the original DK campaign back when the game was released in 1997 and solved it multiple times over the years.
    I just recently stumbled upon KeeperFX, so i fired it up again. By the way, i´m using version 0.46.
    Besides some minor glitches i didn´t have any bigger problems until the last level.

    Okay, if my memory serves me right, after you kill (or convert) the second Avatar, the following two things happen:

    1. If you wish, you can end the level, no matter if you´ve defeated the enemy keeper or not, but more important
    2. you can build bridges from there on.

    But neither the bridge shows up in the Build Menu after i defeat the second Avatar. nor can i end the level. There is just a text that tells me that i defeated the avatar, but there is another keeper remaining. It´s not a problem for me, that i can´t end the level at this point because i want to defeat the enemy keeper, but taking him out without bridges iis just extremely difficult with all the scavenging going on and the number of minions he commands. I´ve tried luring the enemes minions into traps, but it didn´t work.

    Restarting the level gave me the same result.
    Has someone else experinced this or am i possibly doing something wrong here?

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    Default Re: Possible Bug on Level 20 - Original Campaign

    You're doing nothing wrong. KeeperFX contains level fixes, but this I feel like is just an unfortunate change. You now need to defeat the blue keeper first before you get the bridge, and this is also required to win the level.

    It is one of the 'DragonsLover' changes I reverted in KeeperFX unofficial 0.4.6.

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    Default Re: Possible Bug on Level 20 - Original Campaign

    Thanks for the quick reply. I´ll try your unofficial release then.

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    Default Re: Possible Bug on Level 20 - Original Campaign

    No problem. Beating this level is possible though.
    When this change was made a long time ago the rival keepers weren't as effective yet, but now he'll become quite powerful. If you want to win without too much trouble make sure you take him out before he gets really powerful. And if possible within your dungeon and with the help of several Reapers and an Avatar.

    Also see this topic:

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