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Thread: Frozengard Wastelands

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    Default Frozengard Wastelands


    Ruled: Keeper Dimitrius
    Affiliation: Kingdom of Heavenarius (de jure), Keeper Dimitrius' Empire (de facto)

    In this snowy realm, an infamous Keeper named Dimitrius wants to take the domination of this territory. This place is a real mess and needs to be destroyed.

    Dungeon Heart health

    Number of Imps


    Current Gold


    Rooms constructed and under control
    1 Portal
    1 Treasury
    1 Lair
    1 Hatchery
    1 Library
    1 Training Room
    1 Workshop
    1 Guard Room
    1 Prison

    Available creatures
    Demon Spawn
    Bile Demon
    Dark Elf

    Imprisoned enemies

    Corpses rotting on graveyard


    Researched spells
    Create Imp
    Lightning Strike
    Speed Monster
    Sight of Evil

    Researched Rooms
    Training Room
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands


    Charn the Goblin entered the Dungeon, and is currently in the Training Room training.

    Dref the Goblin was last seen in the Training Room, nobody is sure as nobody saw him for 29 days.

    Livilde the Warlock is in the Lair, snoring like a baby.

    Mulgeun the Warlock is researching the Workshop in the Library.

    Lena the Fly is knocked out on the Library floor.

    Indigo the Spider rushed into the Library, hearing voices, rams into the Bookcase, settles down then started researching the Workshop.

    Samsa the Beetle was last seen in the Lair.)
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    Emerging from a burst of fire and ice out of the portal, Din setted foot on his new master’s domain. He noticed there were three passages he could go on, and more that he heard a heart beating and went in that one. Eventually reaching the heart chamber, felling down on his knees he swore loyalty to his new master.

    Hail, Lord Mikaelios! My name is Din, Dawndeath for my enemies, and yours aswel if you accept me into your realm!

    Din the warlock is swearing loyalty to Keeper Mikaelios.
    Health: 100%
    Level : 1
    Mood: Tired
    Efficiency: 50%

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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    Rising up from the portal with all the flames of his might, Cider came roaring out.

    "To quick," He thought to himself. "The mentor hadn't said anything yet. Hello, Mentor, are you there! No answer. He must be on his coffee break or something."

    As he looked around he noticed the heart not to far away. He walk toward it, noticing that the realm wasn't all that cold for a realm called "Frozengard."

    After he reached to the Heart, he noticed that now he was welcomed. He walked over to the lair to make a bed, then off to the trainng room for a bit, hoping to gain new undiscovered magic.

    Health: 100%
    Mood: Warm and Accepted
    Did: Crawed out of the portal, went to the heart, lair, and trainning room.
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    (I can't really wait any longer.)

    Lena the Fly

    *Lena woke, with a very bad headache, and weakly flew to her Lair. Lena took a nap, to heal her head wound.*

    -Dream- (I didn't want to end my post so soon. :P Besides, I got bored.)
    There were voices of 5 Keepers, one was a woman, the other three were male, but the last one never spoke. Lena found herself surrounded by thousands of creature bodies, she felt the searing heat of lava, and saw a Dungeon Heart destroyed in front of her eyes. Another moment later, the last Dungeon Heart was destroyed, a shiny rock was shot out of the last Dungeon Heart before it collapsed, a great red figure appeared from the flames of the NetherRealm and grabbed the shiny rock, as the creatures cheered in victory. The Red Figure glared at Lena, growled menacingly and began to attack Lena.

    Lena fled.

    *Lena woke up with a startle.*

    "Why can't can't I forget that? It make makes me so BZZZZZZZT!" Lena angerly said.

    *Lena shifted in her caccoon, continued to shift while trying to sleep.*

    Health : 65%
    Lena is bzzzting in her caccoon.
    Level : 2
    Mood : Annoyed
    Efficiency : 70%

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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    Cinder, after a few seconds of steping into the Trainning room, said to himself "Maybe I should research instead of trainning. Something to do with this smell tells me its not the good kind of bad"

    Moving over to the library, he noticed a fallen bookshelf. he was to weak to pick it up, and didn't know what spell to use to pick it up, so he just left it there. Then he picked up the book named Rooms for successful Keepers: Workshops, and begain reading:

    Chapter I: How to constuct.

    For ever good keeper, you need a large workshop to make traps an doors for control of your soon-to-be-controled realm.

    To start, you must first build anvils to contruct the metal part of such a trap/door. To do this, simply convert your gold to supulent iron...

    Quick Summery:

    Cinder the
    Health: 100%
    Mood: Focused
    Did: Walk right into the Trainning Room, Smelled the air, and walked right out to the library. He then begun to research the workshop.

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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    *A demon spawn appears from the portal, it climbs too quick that it fell in his back*

    Ack someone help me!!! I've fallen and i can't get up

    *Gets up*

    Ahem, anyone here? no? there? of wherever? NO MATTER for the AWESOME Grith will find you and do a lot of stuff...

    *Starts jumping*

    OOOHHH im soo exited of my new home and all the new friends im goin to make i can barely contain myself. first i want to know all my new home.

    *Grith starts running and while looking at every single corner of the dungeon, he passed soo fast at every room that it hardly seen anyone in it, finally he stops at the lair and makes his home*

    OOHH my new home... this is going to be sooooooo cool. But now what am i going to do, what im i gonna do? WHAT AM I GONNA DO.

    *His stomach growls*

    oh, silly me, i forgot i need something to eat, tee hee *w*

    *Heads to the hatchery north to the Lair*

    oh chickens... you are my new momentary best fwends ever *w*

    *Starts eating chicken while speaks with his mouth full*

    thish ish delishush.

    *Grith continues eating on the hatchery*

    Grith explored at light speed (sort of) the entire dungeon, built his lair and now its eating at the hatchery. He seems overly excited.
    Health : 100%
    Level : 1
    Mood : Omnomnomnomnomnomnom
    Efficiency : 90%
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    OOC(It's been a while since I've done any writing... let's see if I remember this right. Sorry for the lengthy post)

    NOT DONE YET-I accidently hit Post...
    NOW DONE-I finished.

    Chapter One: Enter "Nuclear" Roach the Beetle

    The sound of small beetle feet echoed from the darkened hole of the Portal. Roach was half-way up the Portal, and began to pick up the pace. The frequency of the feet was enough to make a cowering thief cry. Roach was now high enough to see the dungeon grounds. He decided not to climb out but to make a more exciting entry.

    The small beetle put all his strength into his legs and took a leap to the opposite Portal wall. He saw an imp watching his intro, and laughed madly as he rose higher in the air. Suddenly Roach felt a thump on his head from the Portal ceiling and his form collapsed almost instantly. He went straight for the imp who screamed in a great panic before Roach landed on him.

    Roach was on his back, right on top of the imp who swarmed and squarmed. Roach began to throw himself to his left in order to put himself back onto his feet. Unfortunately, he went for the wrong direction...

    Roach tipped over and began to fall back down the Portal. He panicked and grabbed whatever he could with his tiny feet. It was too late, he and the item he grabbed, known as the imp, fell straight down the Portal. Roach landed onto the bottom of the portal grounds, surrounded by several other creatures who were having a feast over a few spiders.

    Roach became scared as he too, was an insect. He quickly leaped to the wall and started climbing again. The imp threw himself at Roach and clutched onto his back. Eventually, Roach made it back up the Portal again. The imp was the first to get onto the dungeon grounds, and hurried back to his work once he did.

    Roach climbed back up, and breathed deeply. He slowly dragged himself away from the Portal and towards a beating heart. Roach was only a fourth of the way to the Dungeon Heart, where he collapsed on his stomach. He rested for a minute, before getting back up and began to head for the bright glowing Dungeon Heart.

    The passage connected only the Dungeon Heart to the Portal, and nothing else. Roach admired the excellent art work of battling creatures on the walls as he moved along. The frozen enviroment made him feel at home. Roach was built for the cold, and enjoyed the good feel of the cold icy ground on his four feet. Towards the end of the passage, Roach even rubbed himself against the left wall. And now he stood in front of the Dungeon Heart, beside a male elderly warlock.

    "Hello, Keeper!" Roach greeted brightly, "I'm Roach. They call me "Nuclear" because I have a thing for always surviving, and I know some good poison attacks. So I will be there to stand guard when everyone else fails."

    Roach looked over to the elderly warlock known as Din.

    "Even when this old guy fails," Roach sneered.

    Roach wasn't shy, but merely prefered to speak when he was spoken to. Even though he was shouting, he sounded rather quiet and timid. That was about as loud as he could get. Roach began heading back to the Portal. He was extra cautious when he reached it. Roach saw the Treasury on the other side of the portal. Roach didn't have much of an interest in gold.

    There was a passage to Roach's left. He took it. He admired the art work on the walls again as he passed through. This passage lead to two rooms. Roach heard chickens from his left, and turned. Now in front of him, was a vast field of chickens, all waiting to be eating. Roach's name began appearing on all of them, ignoring the Demon Spawn that was there completely.

    Roach jumped into the Hatchery, and landed right on a chicken. It was now completely smashed, and Roach gobbled it up. The chickens around him began running wild. Roach set his eyes on one, and chased after it. He slowing began to gain on the panicking chicken, laughing as he went along. Once he was close enough, he grabbed the chicken with his pinchers and ripped it up. He swallowed each indivuial piece, one by one.

    Each sold sepperately. Maybe just one more...

    Roach leapped after another chicken, and caught it off hard. He smashed it, and then an idea came to him. He tossed the flat chicken like a disk at another chicken. It hit him in the head and set him in panic.

    That didn't work like I expected it to...

    Roach grabbed the flat chicken, and went on rampage trying to smash that one wild chicken. Roach was careless in the act, as four innocent chickens were lost before the wild chicken was caught. Finally, Roach saw the Demon Spawn, then looked back at his food.

    No way, you are not getting my food!

    Roach ran after the chickens he killed and picked them up. He stared at the six chickens, and ate one. Then he ate another. And then another. As he continued, the same thought kept popping in his mind.

    Maybe just one more...

    After filling himself, Roach took notice of the Library and Training Room attatched to the Hatchery. Roach layed himself on his back and was completely relaxed.

    "Listen, Keeper. You's a real smart, putting that book wor-room there, and that train thing over there," Roach whispered to the Dungeon Keeper, "That was real smart."

    Roach sounded almost sarcastic with his last line, and then closed his eyes and fell half-asleep for two minutes. When he awoke, he rolled over to his feet and began heading for the Lair. He created his lair a short distance away from the entrance. It was to the right from the entrance from the Portal or Hatchery.

    Roach's lair appeared to be a hut. Inside it was a a soft rounded nest for Roach's back, and beside it was a small hidden compartment in some empty space for Roach's things. The hut was big enough for a normal sized beetle. Due to Roach's rather small size, he had plenty of room. The hut lair entrance faced the entrance of the lair from the Portal or Hatchery.

    Roach went inside, and felt absolutely comfortable.

    End of Chapter


    Name: "Nuclear" Roach
    Health: 250/100%
    Mood: Happy
    Job: Sleeping
    Gold Held: 0
    Location: In the Lair, inside his own

    Summery: Roach entered the dungeon, and tried to make an interesting entry. He jumped from the Portal wall, hit his head on the Portal cieling, and landed on an imp. He rolled down the portal, bringing the imp down with him. He fell to the bottom, and climbed back up with the imp.

    The imp ran off, Roach went to the Dungeon Heart. He told of his name and title, and called Din old. He then left for the Lair, but saw the Hatchery. He ate eight chickens. Then he went to the Lair, and created his lair by the entrance. He went to sleep.
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands

    Cinder, the fire loving

    "A new species of creature has entered your dungeon" Proclaimed the Mentor.

    "Hey, why didn't he say when I came in? Oh never mind" he though to himself. " I just hope this workshop is going to help the keeper enough for me to get noticed, then maybe I can get more gold and praise, and maybe be the favorite of the dungeon."

    And, after tighting that last bolt on the anvil, you have made a fully functioning workshop that your trolls will love to be in. Be care, as it maybe get hot in there very quickly, as the iron you made back in chapter 1 can reach a tempature of 200 degrees C in just 5 secounds.

    And now, keeper, you may make your first traps and doors to help defend and attack your soon-to-be-kingdom. Good luck. And don't forget to read the other books in this series, incluiding: Torture Chambers: The pain of your Kindom, Speed Monster: The Fastest you will ever get Them, and the latest, Inferno: The fire that Kills*

    *some of these titles may not be avilable in all dungeons. Consult your Local Warlock or Dragon to see if anyof these books are avilible for you or you creatures."

    "Finally, that book is done, but there may still be more to this, maybe I should get another book on this 'workshop.'" Cinder wispered to himself. And so, he got up, and went to go get another book entitled How to Build Workshops for advance Keepers, and began reading:

    "Chapter I: Creating the Heat.

    Every Keeper needs a good trap and door to help defend your dungeon, or attack your enemies. Here we will talk about how to make a nice workplace for you creatures to work in.

    First, you need to..."

    Name: Cinder
    Level: 1
    Mood: Focused and excited
    Did: Finished reading Rooms for sucsessful Keepers: Wokshop, and begun reading How to build Workshops for advance Keepers. Still busy on that workshop, and hopes that if it gets done, then his keeper will finally acknowledge his exsitence, and maybe get more gold and praise.
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    Default Re: Frozengard Wastelands


    Oh wow, my imps. You have found a lava river. It's Zerri'Mar that will be happy!


    Oooh, sweeeet! You did a nice work my researchers! You're now up for the SOE spell, but also, a Guard room would be handy for the new room that has been dug at the South. Also, I dug a little path between the Training Room and the Workshop I just built. And soon, I'll place doors, especially between the Lair and Workshop for the noise... I just need some manufacturers, if you're interested, but I hope that a least a Troll will come to do the job.

    Two Warlocks, a Demon Spawn and a Beetle has entered into your dungeon, Master.

    Oh, really? That's cool! But next time, my mentor, please, warn me earlier once they're coming from the Portal, okay?

    Err... yeah, Master. It was just my break time.

    How long mentors should take a break? Stop that and get back to work!... Idiot...

    Hmm... yes, Master. the mentor mumbles.

    Looks at the newcomers.

    Ohoh... Let me wish you the welcome into my domain Din, Cinder, Grith and... Nuclear? Laughs a little. Are you radioactive, lil' Beetle? Anyway, make yourself at home! Oh, and sorry Grith for not helping you earlier. Same for your Nuclear. I was busy building the Workshop. Don't take it personal, okay? But I can see you both like my chickens. Just don't eat as much as a Bile Demon would you? And, I'm glad you finally saved the fallen Imp with you, Nuclear.

    Then, I could see Lena's dream and found it a bit disturbing, so I just ignore it. Instead, I listen to Nuclear.

    Well, heh, no problem lil' bug. wondering if it's sarcastic or not.

    Keep up the great work, my minions! And don't forget to train, sometimes.

    Note about the colors : Can you please avoid dark colors over the dark grey background and change them to brigher ones? Blue, Dark red and all those dark colors are hard to read. It'd be very appreciated for reading ease.
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