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Thread: KeeperFX Constant Lag

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    Default KeeperFX Constant Lag

    I used the search function, even went on the Issues list on Github. But I couldn't find anything useful, so I really hope this hasn't been posted before.

    So, I installed Dungeon Keeper Gold GOG Edition and KeeperFX on my work laptop. And it worked flawlessly with no issues whatsoever (Uses Windows 7)
    Now I decided to install it on my home PC, the DK Gold GOG Edition as well as KeeperFX. Only thing I did differently was to use the Unofficial KeeperFX release because Lubiki is offline.

    So I start the game up, and immediately I notice that the game was running poorly, in the opening cinematic where the knight rides past some monks. I see how the knight keeps jumping back and forth repeatedly.
    Then I get into the main menu and the cursor does the same thing, flickers and jumps as I drag it through the screen.

    In-game, it worked a bit smoother as the map started, but once my imps started building stuff, the screen would (again) flicker and shake uncontrollably.
    I'm not sure if it's the OS that's causing it, or if I'm missing some important files like a specific DirectX installation etc.

    These are the ones I tried:


    But they both give me the exact same issue.
    If you require anymore information, please ask! I really want this to work asap.

    Oh also, the original GOG version is unplayable to me, the FPS drops it gets is frustratingly agonizing. It's as if it's playing on 50% speed or something.

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    Yeah, if both the GOG version, 0.4.0 and 0.4.6u are giving you performance issues you seem to have some sort of problem with your pc. I'm assuming your PC is not a very, very old machine but at least comparable with your work-laptop in power,... So this is difficult to troubleshoot.

    Some tips
    - Be sure to run keeperfx.exe, not keeperfx_hvlog.exe
    - Look at whatever else your pc is doing in task manager, are other applications taxing your pc?
    - If your pc is old and not really suitable for gaming, try running at a lower resolution like 640x480x32
    - Try another game, a modern one, and see if that runs smoothly. If not, you know you 'simply' have some sort of pc problem.
    - To check if directx is your problem, use the launcher to force the SDL video driver to windib instead.
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    Default Re: KeeperFX Constant Lag

    I had this flickering bug as well, fixed it by messing around with compatibility mode. Have you tried that?

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    Thanks for the replies, bothe of you. ^^

    1. I'm sure I'm using keeperfx.exe
    2. I made sure to stop all other processes which would drain my CPU and RAM before launching.
    3. It's 3 years old, but very suitable for gaming, just played Dishonored 2 and graphically modded Fallout 4 the other night.
    4. See 3.
    5. Not sure how I force SDL Video Driver in the link you posted.

    6. I tried compatibility mode, but the game just refused to start if I put it at Win95. and Win7 compatibility just had the same issue.

    I did however, try to launch it in windowed mode, and this fixed it. No lag whatsoever. It's just that on a 42 inch screen. The window is really small. And if I make the windowed resolution any bigger, the window cuts at the bottom of my screen, and the window is impossible to move around.

    EDIT: I remember having this issue on this very computer a while ago. So I just ended up uninstalling DK1 for a while. But I vaguely remember installing it sometime much later, and it would magically just... Work... I don't know. But it just sounds like there's something very strange going on.
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    Yeah, strange because in windowed mode you should be able to move the window around no problem.

    You force SDL video driver by opening the launcher, go to 'run options', check 'force driver' and input 'windib' where it said 'directx' before.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Constant Lag

    That fixed it!

    Thank you so much

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Constant Lag

    So, just so you know, you have a problem with your directx installation.

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    Default Re: KeeperFX Constant Lag

    With regards to lag, I think the game has some issues with the new pathfinding logic. I find that when a large enough group of imps or heroes cannot access their destination, the game begins to stutter and skip frames. Even placing room slabs in rapid succession seems to cause it. It can be quite jarring at times, and it interferes with the music and sounds as well. I'm fairly certain this never happened in version 0.40 and certainly not the original game.

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    Pathfinding is a problem yes, and the problem has always been there even in the original, but it has become much more serious over time. That doesn't seem to be the issue that is described by Krexxler though, as he has problems just starting out. Not only when there are lots of units on the map or maps with many tunnels and water.
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