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Thread: Recomended Campaigns?

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    Default Recomended Campaigns?

    Hello! I've been lurking on here for about a month now, picking up good ideas of maps to play based on reviews and recommendations from some of you guys. And I've been having a blast, playing "new" (to me at least) maps for the first time in years - so thank you to everyone who's contributed to the many threads, particularly YourMaster for this one which I've found several great suggestions on.

    Bit of background - I've been playing DK1 on-and-off since it came out in the late 90s. I pick it up again every couple of years and blast through the original campaign and Deeper Dungeons. But this year the bug bit harder and after I'd finished DD again I went searching for more - glad I found this place and KeeperFX!

    The only campaign I've tried is "Burdened Imps" which was great (not overly difficult, but a nice challenge anyway). It fitted the bill for me of maps that have some pressure, but ultimately reach a stage where you can settle back, train and grow, and just enjoy having a dungeon - before taking the fight to the heroes/other keepers on your own terms. I guess I prefer maps that allow you to wall yourself in (or guardpost lava/water) and control the pace, at least after some initial problems to overcome. But I don't mind maps that are constant pressure too, as long as the challenge is reasonable and not dependent on reloading a save game hundreds of times!

    The keeper.lubiki site seems to be down the last couple of days so I can't trawl thorough for single maps that I might like, so kind of stuck with Campaigns from KeeperFX (using the unofficial one so it's up-to-date) for now.

    With that in mind, what Campaigns are worth me playing? Ancient Keeper seems a little daunting from what I've read (will try it soon though I'm sure), but I read mixed things about some of the others, and I don't really want to invest hours on broken or pointless maps, particularly if part of a campaign that I then can't finish properly.

    All suggestions will be gratefully received!

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    Hopefully lubiki will be back up soon, but in the meantime it is off course possible to download some maps from here or here but there aren't as many there as on lubiki of course.

    Try the undead and post undead and the twin keepers if you want to play some campaigns. They are good but quite challenging though.

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    Thanks! I'll start with Undead Keeper then - the basic premise sounds fun!

    Good to know I can get some of the single maps elsewhere. Already done some of those but there is still some to work through


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    Did you try the Good Campaign? That also had some positive feedback.

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    Just Burdened Imps so far, but I did start Undead last night.

    Will add the Good Campaign to my list, thanks!

    Re: the Undead campaign.... on the first level, what is the trigger for the yellow keeper to start venturing north? Is it time based, or action/event? I've had to retreat into my main dungeon as even though I outnumber him slightly (47 to 40), my skeletons and lv 7 vamps will get anihiliated by his lot in an open battle. I could have starved more heroes, but they're all gone now.... is the point to just overwhelm them with numbers? Think I might just start the level again

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    It is very rare to have keeper actions be scripted in maps, because it is so difficult to do so reliably. That usually means that either what you do as a player directly affects behavior - for example when you kill the hero dungeon it allows the keeper to dig through because walls are no longer fortified - or simply because the keeper decides to do so randomly.
    It is possible to script these kind of actions of course, by giving the keeper access to something based on a script trigger, or triggering a hero party opening walls, but you'll hardly ever see that.

    I believe in this example there are simply some magic doors between yellow and white, and yellow will eventually break them down. When exactly is also determined on decisions by yellow that cause him to attack the doors sooner or later.

    The undead campaigns are made by Duke Ragereaver, and he was somebody with a very good understanding of the game mechanics, and made very well thought out maps. They are quite difficult though, made for experienced players, and unfortunately as he has really thought about the balance in some maps that could mean that changes made to the game after his maps were made could throw them off a bit.
    The upside is none of his maps are 'simply' to get more units, but they require thought, strategy and good play. One strategy I would employ on this map is to try and delay yellow as much as possible without getting into a confrontation.

    The good campaign is almost a complete opposite. All the levels are really quite easy, and not really thought out well so there are dozens of ways to get cheap victories. For example allowing you to transfer a lvl10 avatar to a map that has no strong enemies on it. But at the same time it does offer what many people enjoy in this game, the possibility to just build some dungeons and the novelty of playing with heroes for a change.

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