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Thread: Why DK1 is better than DK2

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    Well there wouldnt be much to play at the moment if we went for it right now. We're still setting up the basic mechanics and there are tons of underlying, very complex systems being laid in place. Right now combat isnt even in the game, but a basic version of it will be making its way in during next week. So yeah, not like we would get anything useful from people by doing it right now. But thats why we plan on releasing the alpha demo at the end of September (if its ready). It will be the vertical slice which people will play, which is exactly what youre saying :P

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    Yeah, playtest early, playtest often, and in real life when you can. Read into some of the best practices to get the most out of it. When you're polishing the game it's too late because all that will teach you is what you could have done differently.

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    This thread is a year old, but I just read through it and have to say there are some really great suggestions for how DK1 could be improved. It seems with even just a few more changes the game could be at another level of fun.

    I've started a new thread here

    If you could summarize in bullet points some of the changes that would make the biggest difference, I've very interested and might be able to implement many of them in the future in KeeperFX.

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