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Thread: Dungeon Keeper 1 Interview: Camp beds

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    Default Dungeon Keeper 1 Interview: Camp beds

    A new interview on kotaku that mentions the development of dungeon keeper 1 is released.

    At one stage the big boss sauntered in to the test department and announced he had a present for us as a bonus for working so hard. We were super-excited. What could the multi-millionaire Peter Molyneux possibly have bought us?

    With a beaming smile, he revealed our reward.

    “Guys, I got you some camp beds!”
    More at the link:

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    Great find, I really enjoy inside looks into DK history like this. You hear quite often about the sleepless nights of developers and camping out in the office. Gotta hand it to them for their dedication. Over a decade later and there is still a fanbase and demand for this kind of untapped genre.

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    Default Re: Dungeon Keeper 1 Interview: Camp beds

    Thanks for posting this recent article, it was a nice read.

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Post Undead Keeper
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