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Thread: Campagne not playable, to hard.

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    But you don't need to face the barbarian cave? You can use a bridge and go straight there. And like I said, even when blue takes the inside of the gems, they will never take the outside so that is always available for the player.
    It would be constant skirmishes as the Blues build their own bridges to cut supply lines.
    or that is the question

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hades View Post
    Except by the time you can get ready to face the Barbarian cave, the Blues will already have dug down there.
    Once in a blue moon. maybe. The AI keeper won't tag the dirt tiles because that isn't how their gold-search system works.

    Which is super disappointing really. If those four tiles of dirt were gold, and the two tiles of dirt underneath were gone completely, that would open up a gold path all the way down to just outside the player's dungeon. Big ramp in difficulty from just a few tile changes.

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    I never noticed that. Perhaps if you bridge close to blue he does, but I doubt he'll do anything when you go straight through the barbarian cave to the back of the gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hades View Post
    It would be constant skirmishes as the Blues build their own bridges to cut supply lines.
    You know damn well that the AI is incapable of bridge warfare. They're still too dumb for that.

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    Hiho, Thanks for all the GREAT Help here!

    i managed to get the Keeper, but it was HELL. He charges the Gems and as soon as the Barbarians are free, you have a constant fight with Blue on your hands, which you almost always lose, because he has more gold, but I somehoe got 3 Creatures through to his Heart and killed him.

    But THIS is NOT a simple AI. It was more than challanging. The Gold gets not fast enough in the Treasury and you really have to choke around.

    And what really sucks is that the AI is fast in every way, I could hardly counter all his imps that took over my Terrain and he blastetd my Imps away with Lightning.

    Not easy

    Thanks for all you great help! Keep on talking here, this is really fun to read and learn.

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    Well, two more hints then:
    • Build small treasure rooms near the gold. They are cheap, so always worth it.
    • Sacrifice imps in the temple to get the cost down. You can get many imps this way for effectively 300 gold per imp, with a replacement value of 150 gold a piece. Always worth it on maps with limited gold and/or enemy traps.

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    Aaaannnnnnd I'm back!

    I am sorry to say this, but KeeperFX breaks the AI of Enemy Keepers to the Extreme. This just has to be fixed.

    This time I am on Map Nevergrim, and NO MATHER what I do, the Keeper is building a bridge over to me in a matter of minutes and he comes with at LEAT 20 Creatures Lv 2-3+.

    Even with my Lv 10 Vampire I brought over there is NO CHANCE because his Imps just take over everything.

    Nothing I can do about this. Is it just me that has these Problems? The Original Keeper was not this extreme.

    Is there a way to get Keeper FX running with its great perfomance impromvment and keep the shitty AI changes away?

    Sorry If i am being grumpy but I just wasted another 3 hours of my life on something that was not manageble.

    Thanks ;( ;( T_T

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Yeah, I knew you'd be back for this level, as here the increased effectiveness of the keeper really forces the player to outperform the enemy keeper. And this level actually has the best keeper around.
    But keep in mind the only advantage blue on this level over the player is that he starts out with a lair, which you can quickly build yourself. You on the other hand have several advantages to give you the edge: You can use possession to claim the neutral dragons, you can claim the scavenger room to get hounds, you have the creature from the last realm, and as soon as you know how to build a bridge you can claim the two get-experience specials on the side. You can also get 5 more creatures in total compared to your rival. Simply put, you've got the edge here.

    If you've got a vampire, use that in the library. Immediately get several more imps, build 25 tiles or lair and hatchery, and several small treasure rooms(more then 25 tiles in total) next to the gold so your imps mine quickly. You'll get dragons and bile demons, train them up right away and have them do nothing else. This way you can out-train your enemy. Every time you get a new one, quickly give him a lair and drop him into the training room.
    After the start get your imps to claim the sides - or possess one and claim up to the specials - and make sure you've got the specials in your library. Don't use them until you are either attacked or decide to attack blue.

    Still, there is something that is going wrong for you, and I don't know what it is exactly. It is not normal to have enemy imps claim your dungeon, you can simply kill them. Do you know how to pick up your own creatures,... either directly or from the menu? If you are attacked simply drop all your creatures in the fight, dragons and bile demons first. If you have some warlocks, drop them a bit further away and drop the orcs directly onto their warlocks or dragons. Drop the hounds last, as they will do lots of damage but die quickly if attacked.
    When a fight occurs, their imps will flee.
    Afterwards, claim their bridge, and use 'Call to arms' to finish the enemy keeper off.

    If blue somehow comes really quickly, your vampire alone should be enough. Cast CTA right next to their bridge, and drop your vampire in range. It should take care of everything, including all imps. Claim the bridge and either attack or sell the bridge.

    Small question, which version of the game are you using?
    And no, you can't get KeeperFX without the AI improvements, but you can change the level scripts to make the levels easier if you want. Level 10 for example has a specific piece of script in place that forces blue to attack quickly. (that was also there in the original game, but perhaps not functional because keepers had troubles using bridges). You can take that out of the level, or take blues bridge away, or whatever.

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Again, Pre-emptive strike. Possess the vampire and have him wreak havoc on the Blues, or drop an imp near the unclaimed blue portal and have him find dragons, who can finish the job.
    or that is the question

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.


    Let me go into more detail.

    I believe I know what the problem with the game is. With Keeper FX, the Keepers are programed to seek gold as best as they can.
    So once the Gold from blue is mined, which is very fast, he diggs to me. this takes about 7 minutes.

    At this time the bridge connects to my spot, the imps start to overtake my tiles and rooms, and when I engage in combat he drops his 15+ creatures lv 2-3+ on the bridge.
    My Vampire can kill most of them, but the keeper snatches away more than enough cratures and meanwhile the imps overtake everything.

    But I will keep your tipps in mind and try to screw him over.

    ANY OTHER ASSHOLE-Maps that I should know about where I can't play in peace and quite?

    EDIT: I use the latest Version with Keeperfx 0.4.6
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