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Thread: Campagne not playable, to hard.

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Level 10 is the only level in the campaign where you quickly have to face a rival keeper, as there are no walls here. You really should be stronger than him by the time he attacks,... perhaps build more imps and small treasure rooms to more quickly mine your own gold. You know that the bridge always comes from the south, so build your own training room near there so you won't be caught unaware. If you have the bigger army, there are no issues right? Kill everything and capture his creatures instead of having him take yours.

    Lvl 11 is heroes only. Lvl 12 actually has an issue in the 0.4.6. release where the keepers can take over the center. If you don't want that, update to 0.4.6u. Lvl 13 will have the keepers more quickly take over the center as well, but you have gems so you should be fine. lvl14 you can wall out the keepers and just mine the gems until you are full strength. Lvl15 you'll never really get attacked and the keepers will more or less die from the heroes. Lvl16 the heroes are most problematic, lvl17 and 18 just have heroes. Lvl19 is one of the easiest levels in the game, the keeper will never attack you. Lvl 20 is against the avatar, but in 0.4.6 you'll have to kill blue as well. In 0.4.6u this is restored to how it originally was.

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    I just downloaded the Unoffical....and as it turns out, I am already using that ^^

    I will see what I can do to beat the Lv.

    I still have the save from beforhand and can take Any Monster at lv 10. Is there ab better one then Vampire?

    Oh and thanks for all the help and time you put in, this is very respectable!

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    Vampire is a very good choice. Other excellent options are a Knight or a Mistress. Matter of preference.

    And I think it is good to try and learn to get better, but if you're stuck you can always just insta-win by taking possession of your lvl10 creature and walk straight to their dungeon heart and kill him.

    How many imps do you have on this level by the way?
    And you can cast speed on your strongest creatures to make them more effective, but also slapping them gives them a 25% boost which could mean the difference between death and victory.


    I just played the level, while recording the packet. I easily won, and did not use a transferred creature. Download the package here:
    You can view my game in KeeperFX 0.4.6u using the packetload command line option. So extract this file into your game directory, and then run it trough the 'run' menu in windows and type "D:\MyGamesFolder\KeeperFX\keeperfx.exe" -packetload packet.pck
    This way you see how I played and where we differ. I noticed I quickly went up to 14 imps and had loads of gold all the time.
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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    Hi, I managed to clear the Lv with the tipps you guys gave me, was hell, but I got it down, just had to be faster then him. I try to have 15+ imps. 20 I feel save below.

    So far everthing is going smoothly, EXCEPT one THING: Imp behavior. That must have clearly changed. I never have enoungh money on the Endgame, even with Gems, because the Imps run around like idiots and rather reinforce my walls than mine of the gems. I throw them in front of the gems, they mine dem ONCE and then run off to somewhere else, going NOTHING.
    Per Side 3 Imps can mine, but they don't. I deselect every other Gold on the map but they ratheer do other things and my monsters can't train because I am behind on their Paychecks.

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    Congratulations. I just uploaded a packet for you a minute ago, but good that you managed yourself. You could still take a peak and see if you can learn from it, for me it wasn't hell and I just took about 10 minutes but could have taken much longer if I wanted to because I was ahead.

    Lvl10 had no gems of course, but indeed something has changed in the gem-mining behavior. I believe this was not intentional, and it needs further tweaking, but development on KeeperFX is on a long hiatus. Gems are still mined, but after a few trips other tasks are performed as well. They now take better management to keep mining the gems. Assign them more often, or lock the imps in with the gems and a treasure room.

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    Cool, I will look at this gladly!

    And I will try the Lockin, maybe that will help those lasy grunts ^^

    I'll stay in touch ^^

    Oh, and I would like to ask a question: How do you personly feel about "War for the Overworld"?

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    As a missed opportunity.

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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    We talkin about WftO in here?
    Dungeon Keeper 2 Patch: With More Balance and Pie [Hiatus]
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    Default Re: Campagne not playable, to hard.

    "How do you personly feel about "War for the Overworld"?"


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