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    This took me a moment to figure out so I thought I'd share, in -1player mode the skirmish AI always uses [computer7] section from keepcompp.cfg. You're playing against the "Defensive Computer Assistant" AI in every skirmish map and there's no way to change it. It's a bit sad honestly.

    This is relevant to the thread if people want to change it. You must have keeperfx and edit keepcompp.cfg [computer7].

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    Are you sure? How did you figure this out?
    I always thought you play against computer0 in 1player mode.

    EDIT: But I checked and you're right.
    There's a workaround for this though and that is to change in \fxdata\keepcompp.cfg the names of the computers players. So for example if you change [computer7] to [computer0] and vice versa, the game will use what originally was [computer0]. And if you never use the computer assistant, you can also simply replace [computer7] with whichever one you want for skirmish.
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    Does this apply to the computer AI in all situations or just skirmish?

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    Just the 1Player skirmish. On all other maps the script defines which computerplayer is used.

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    Good info to have. What's the difference between the computer players?

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    Well, everything. All the things the computer players can do or respond to or build they can also not do. There are for example computer players that just build small rooms, that don't attack, that only dig close gold, etc.

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