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Thread: Fixing Slow?

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    Default Fixing Slow?

    Creatures that have Slow (the creature spell) never use it (in both the original and in KeeperFX) when they don't have any ranged offensive attacks. This affects Monks (until they get Missile), Vampires (until they get Drain), Spiders (until they get Hail) and level 10 Horned Reapers. Strangely, Freeze does get used properly (by Beetles, Spiders and Tentacles), when there shouldn't be any difference as to when creatures will use them.

    I was just wondering if it could be fixed in a future KeeperFX version.

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    Default Re: Fixing Slow?

    Oh ho, now that's interesting!

    Indeed, it seems that, to use the Slow spell, it requires that the creature must have at least 1 any other Ranged attack to use it. So, to bring the Slow spell back to life for Horny, you must set a Ranged attack spell at any other early levels until the bug is fixed. However, take note that creatures won't use the Slow spell once they're performing Melee attacks, they only cast the spell at Ranged.

    Thanks Mothrayas for finding that bug!
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    Default Re: Fixing Slow?

    I'm not deep enough in the AI of creatures... for now

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    Default Re: Fixing Slow?

    Was this finally fixed?

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    Default Re: Fixing Slow?

    I believe so.

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