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Thread: Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    The game is quite logic.

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Updated the campaign:
    removed some pre-placed spellbooks and scripted the spells instead

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    I finally played this all the way through and some levels were some of the best I've ever played and were incredibly fun and engaging. However some seemed incredibly obtuse and full of puzzles I either didn't understand or wanted me to kill several level 10 Avatars which didn't seem very fun to me. I really enjoyed some of the campaign but can't recommend playing all the way through without cheats handy, as some levels were no fun at all. Overall some really good stuff and despite the levels I didn't like, this is one of the best campaigns I've played. The levels looked nice and had some incredibly clever concepts and ideas, and it's rare to see. Very good work!

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    It's a set of my very first levels of various quality. I plan on reusing some concepts of the best maps into a new campaign which I'll try my best to make it enjoyable for everyone. Do you remember any specific maps you liked or hated?

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Updated salvager map so you can no longer just jump to the guard post youre supposed to destroy

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    I'm going through the campaign after assmist isle. I can say that this campaign is not at all worse. Yes, in terms of level design it is not as detailed and complex, and the campaign has some questionable levels, but it makes the brain think and look for solutions. The levels, though simpler, are no less exciting. Almost every map is a challenge for the player. High difficulty, interesting level mechanics, puzzles - all very interesting gameplay.
    Thank you, for them. Really very cool.

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    Bash. Simple and very boring. It was enough to close the wall of the northern portal and then no problems in passing.

    The Four. Interesting start with the knight attacking the heart - otherwise average.

    Bugsquashers. Going through the rooms, gathering heroes, killing the keepers. Nothing special.

    In fact, the first three maps in this campaign are pretty average quality, they definitely have things for improvement, and the campaign seems to be pretty typical, but after level 4, the maps start giving surprises.

    Tomb Raid. Oh, this map is great. My favorite. Intriguing beginning, really well detailed level design. The atmosphere of the abandoned keepers bases. Good gold balance.
    The first time I captured a blue keeper base, I was surprised to find that there was woefully insufficient gold to train and fight off fairly strong waves of heroes. I noticed that if you do not capture the blue base, and the heroes do not touch you. I did not capture the portal. As a result, the second time I passed the map exclusively with 3 creatures, holding imps. Horny, bile demon and orc. And gold just enough. Later still resurrected a vampire from the graveyard. And scrubbed the whole map and captured the gems, have already started to train quietly fighters to cope with the avatar.

    Exorcism. Weak level design, but very complex and with interesting mechanics of battle through the vampires. Vampires certainly eat a lot of money, I remember how I did not have enough production even with a gems, and eventually exhausted all the gold, and with a bunch of angry vampires because they were not paid, before the second payment - decided to go for an avatar. The temple I carelessly sold at the beginning itself.

    Trolls Stroll. Weak level design. Warnings that the workshop is big can do a lot of damage - of course it's scary. It was interesting to try fight by army of trolls) However, it is a failure. Once it comes to the stones, the game gets a little boring. The heroes can no longer offer any serious challenge. The army coming out of the northern portal is very weak and dies instantly, the player has only to build up the corridors with tons of stones and doors, waiting for the avatar to come out. The army of which feels like it should be 4-5 times larger.

    False God. Another great map. The design is excellent.
    After discovering horny in the first time, I decided to restart the level. Super fast pumped the knight and horny to 4 levels, I dug straight to the portal green, opening the tunnel 10 lvl skeletons, while green fought with them i grabbed his portal and successfully killed all his creatures. I fully captured the base of the green. After pumping the troops rushed to the blue, but steadily losing. Blue had too much advantage in troops.
    In the absence of the green keeper heroes from the fortress in the center are all going on the blue. I let them all out, but he was easily defended, still luring the heroes to his side.
    Loaded, and i decided immediately after the capture of the green, to open the all doors of the heroes fortress. I ran from one part of the fortress to the other breaking every door i have seen. Now, the heroes were killing blue keeper but were strong enough to kill me right after that. Had to tinker to find a balance )
    Score: Super. Impressions: Ocean.

    Marshlands. Quite a pleasant map. Swamps, unexpected tentacles, catching knights for the torture chamber and the threat that the enemy can get to you. Good in one word )

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    Default Re: Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Schizo. In this map is the end of the joke.)
    I didn't realize that the avatar had to be drop out into the lava. I dumped an imp on him and ran out from him to the beginning of the trail, and the avatar followed him back, which gave extra time.
    Next, the ghost travels. I found the Samurai on the right immediately, he helped fight off the Cerbers. In the first room in front of the bridge, you must successfully to kill all the samurai with a stone to fly further. I blew the vampires into the corners with a wind spell.
    For some reason I only found 3 samurai in the prison, and immediately dropped them at the base, as more powerful cerbers start coming in, and 1 samurai was no longer able to hold them off. In the end, the entire army of heart heroes had to be lured out and killed with stones in a long corridor, it's good that there are enough of them. The heart of the heroes destroyed in the end, one ghost. Then it was a matter of technology, captured the center of the fortress, tortured 2 reepers. Keepers no longer posed a threat.
    Extremely fun map. My respect to the creator)

    Very interesting beginning of the map. Makes the brain strain, what do I have to do? The first serious obstacle is a room with fairies and spiders, but there is nothing difficult. Enough to use spell speed on the avatar, dodge freezing shots and kill spiders, and then wait for the fairies around the corner, they die with a few blows.
    Taking the fortress is inevitable. The second part of the map, on the other hand, I didn't like much. After releasing from the imprisonment, it seems that you're strong enough to attack the enemy keepers, but that's a mistake. The enemies already have a crowd of 10 lvl mistress, and attacking head-on with all the reapers ends in defeat. Had to run around the lava by avatar, from afar kill all the mistress one at a time. This is very slow and exhausting. In addition, the map is not enough gold catastrophically, so I had to keep the reapers on the flag all the time. In general, the second part of the map is exhausting and boring. Maybe i had to go faster the first part of the Guardians did not have time to pump their troops to level 10.

    Ascension Day.
    Surprisingly not a difficult map after the previous ones. The beginning of the map is a bit confusing, but the understanding that you are trapped, makes you look at the map more carefully and restart the level. Dropping imps on the blue keeper portal is not a difficult puzzle. The attacking waves of heroes here are not strong, and the pace of the map is very measured. The enemy keeper ended up smashed in a head-on battle by simply digging a passageway to it. The hardest thing on the map is to kill 4 avatars by limited creatures.

    Echo Springs.
    The first part of the map is not difficult. We defend attacks, grab lands, pump creatures.
    I lost a few times trying to attack the blue keeper in a direct encounter. However, the clue about the imps with invisibility was very helpful. I didn't even know that i could do that before.) After capturing all of the keeper's rooms with imps, smashing him won't be difficult.

    Another map with unconventional mechanics. Base on the lava! Original )
    YourMaster wrote that on this map is difficult to find the temple, but it's not true. The player, one way or another, will be looking for a way out of his base, the more captured lands hints that the imps need to explore the surroundings. The first time I dug a passage to the blue keeper, and all the heroes went to attack him, but they are not able to cause him significant damage. I had to replay the level, and grab myself all the heroes from the portal. Next, a huge army of heroes under your control will have no problem dealing with the enemy.

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    Default Re: Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Oooh, this map literally made my brain explode. Great map. ))
    The walkthrough came out epic.
    In the beginning I sold the door, hired an imp and dug a passage to the library, then it's important to wait the fairy to the corner of the dungeon heart with mages, distracting the knights so she dies on the traps. And then just run imp around in a circle, the knights are excellent to die on the traps.
    Next, there were a lot of loads. I captured every area except the central fortress and the area around the heart of the heroes, which you can't get into without traps of stone.
    There is no training room. I pumped some mages on the bile demon. However, there is a very limited number of them. So what do we have? Four 4-5 lvl mages, 1 ghost resurrected from special, and 1 reaper level 3. This is the maximum i could get.
    I didn't think to wait for the dwarves to dig through the wall to special that give creatures. Which made it very difficult for me to get through.
    As soon as I captured a room in the middle of the fortress, a passageway opened and an army of 13 orcs, 2 reapers, and 6 archers came at me, and they are all level 10!
    Overpowering them seemed impossible! Next, I began to think. The map creator didn't give a ghost for nothing, I thought, and flying through the doors I pulled 2 trolls out of the central room. However, my disappointment was overflowing when I realized that my workshop was too small to create stone traps.
    There was only one thing left to do. While the army marches to my dungeon heart, capture the workshops in the center of the fortress quickly and have time to set up stone traps. I noticed that my opponents' goal was to kill my creatures, not to destroy my heart. I ended up creating small areas all over the map with treasures and imps digging for gold. An army of heroes ran all over the map destroying them and the mages coming from the portal, while I dropped trolls from one workshop to another, frantically producing and setting traps. An hour of agony and the enemy army was crushed by rocks. ))
    Heart of Heroes i ended up storming through with the help of one reaper.
    Ugh, that wasn't easy. ))

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    Default Re: Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Super dynamic map. Reminded me of the tower defense in warcraft 3. I immediately knew that the waves of heroes will be amplified and the only correct decision is to focus on the vampires. The final waves are very dangerous, but the map is passable.
    The amplifying waves of heroes create the illusion that you won't be able to deal with them at some point, and the only sure way to end this battle is to destroy the heart of heroes.

    The pass to the heart of heroes would of course be good to open after the death of the avatar, because it confuses the player. There are a lot of traps in there, and you spend a lot of energy and attention to destroy it and finish the waves, which don't really end after the heroes heart dies.

    After the dynamic Flux is a very measured beginning. The creature rescue and gradual capture of the central fortress is very interesting. In fact, this is the only map where I got stuck and had to turn to the forum hints, I could not find the imps in the stash and did not know how to capture the fortress.
    My goal was to keep the vampire in the cage alive so I could pump the mistress to lightning on him later. In terms of design, there's a strong divergence here. The center part is well detailed, but the rest of it is not. Just squares with lots of lava and water.
    I couldn't solve the puzzle that would open passages the specials on the right.
    I destroyed all the heroes in the rooms before the last wave, leaving only the room with the reapers to lure them with a steal hero, then doubling the creatures afterwards. 2 vampires, 2 mistresses, a bunch of samurai, and about 6 reapers. The central portal is completely filled with lightning traps, and one single stone trap placed on the bridge on the left so that it destroys the advancing reapers. While the battle is going on in the center, the doors can be used to divide the enemy army into weaker segments.
    The final battle is very interesting.

    Jynxed .
    The map starts easy enough and it seems like there won't be any surprises, but the final vampire attack is something ) Damn huge army of vampires. To get through the final battle I had to build up all the passages with doors, absolutely every tunnel. Interesting idea with the cursed land and the sudden vampires in the middle. Great map!

    Another unconventional level, and again reminded me of maps from warcraft 3 on the type of castle fight. Dynamic and interesting.

    Nothing much to say in particular. The main thing is to survive at all costs, which is not too easy.

    On the second time I guessed that it's necessary to protect yourself from the enemy keeper of the Great Wall of China. The map is woefully short of money. The balance is very broken. Troops need to pump, the heroes are constantly going stronger and stronger, and the source of money is near the heart of the heroes, which is not so easy to get through. I've tried many times to pass honestly - but failed. I have to admit that here I used cheats for the gold. Shame on me (

    Began the level with the monk level 10 transferred from the bonus level. The first thing I broke through to the blue keeper and while the reaper ran after the imps, destroyed the blue heart. Then captured the library, and trained an army of mistress. The 1 square bridge mechanic of course slows it down, but the mistress are great at killing anything living in the central fortress.

    Bonus 1 Overture.
    Super interesting level. The only thing is that when I got the enchantress, I immediately sold some rooms and built a library, eventually when I got to the gold and reaper, the triggers seemed to break, as the enchantress felt like it should have died when the player got the reaper. I, however, got both of them alive.
    Another map where I couldn't figure out how to open the passage to the right. Used a cheat to turn the wall into my own. In my opinion this is the super hard part about using evil orcs to bring down walls... How do you get to that with your mind? No answer.

    Bonus 2 Dawn To.
    Small and simple. Stole a monk with steal hero, captured a troll, killed an enemy Guardian without much trouble. 2 tentacles, a monk and a troll easily kill an avatar.

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