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Thread: Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Thank you for your hard work. It's a very interesting campaign.

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    Thanks for the extensive feedback, I've read every word of it. Useful stuff, especially now, when I work on my 3rd and final campaign.
    I have noticed there are people who love puzzle levels, while others like to build a dungeon freely. The levels you described as your favourite I've seen described as tedious and unenjoyable by others. I'm somewhere in between and I believe balance between those two map types is the right way. Which is not exactly the case for this campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkkingkongman View Post
    It took some working out but I managed to kill the heroes that were imprisoned by casting multiple bolts of lightning with the lightning spell at them and have them walk through a long corridor of about 50 poison gas traps. It was tough but I managed to beat the level eventually.
    in fact you can simply kill them by possesing a creature while keeping the imps locked out of the room with the prison (to stop them from claiming the prison and freeing the heroes) using the possesed creature you can attack and kill the heroes in the prison without them fighting back. just don't force them out of the prison as that will free said hero. this also give good amounts of exp
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