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Thread: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Speaking of water based levels,.... I just played level 8 - Marshlands and my game froze due to the pathfinding bug. I was about ready to claim the torture rooms, and was enjoying the map before it hung. I'll skip it and continue with the next one. Unfortunately I think the best approach is to take it out and store it until the pathfinding bug is ever fixed.
    On the level itself I liked the constant harassment by the tentacles, made playing the map chaotic and difficult to focus on maximizing the dungeon. I wouldn't drop the tentacles so close to the heart though, and perhaps the others not inside the rooms but in the water outside. Funny how you're so generous with the steal-hero specials that don't work on knights and only knights on the map until some tentacles spawn.

    I've played a bit of level 9 - Schizo and I don't know how to proceed. The first time I did not notice the boulder traps so I was too late to take the avatar down. The second time I managed to spawn 3 vampires before he arrived and capture him, but that did not win the level. My objective still said 'slow the avatar down' while I already had him in prison, and I could build no new rooms and research no new spells. On my side of the lava there was nothing to do either.
    At this point I cheated to see the entire map,... and still found nothing that would help me get any further. The keeper on the right was walled in tight, the keeper on the left still not. Theoretically I could possess one of my lvl 10 vampires (they got that level fighting the avatar) and slowly fly over the lava and then slowly take out those many, many heroes but that would take forever. I don't know if that's what you want, or there's another way to win. If it is, at least give the player some barracks so he can lead a group of vampires. For now I'll skip this one as well.
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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Yes I always save steal hero specials until some high level tentacles spawn and then use them.

    On Schizo: I'll change the level a little bit and make the description clearer. Will update the archive once I have feedback on more levels.
    Moved hints into main post.

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    I saw your hints about Schizo, but that didn't make sense to me. Why would I level up my vampires on the scavenger when they quickly grow to level 10 fighting the avatar? What do I have to gain by blowing him away instead of fighting him? It's the 'progress north to kill the dungeon heart' that's the problematic bit, as is getting through the walls of the keepers when they wall in.

    I've played lvl10 - Salvager for a bit, and I guess this is another possession map. And one to tedious for my taste,.... having a lvl2 avatar face multiple lvl10 fairies is not something that looks fun to me. I tried a few times and gave up to continue to the next one.

    Then lvl11 - Ascension day which I did not manage at all. Reading your hint - that I should wait until the neutral portal is claimed - but that did not happen. I've waited and waited - frame skipped, but it was never claimed. Retried 2 or 3 times. And I was completely walled in, so no way to proceed. Had to skip the level as well.

    The lvl12 - Echo Springs, which I did manage to complete just fine. An enjoyable map, fun concept and well executed. At first I tried to immediately battle the blue keeper to the south for the prison, before I noticed I had my own prison. At that point I dug out to save my archers, which managed to get my reapers and when I found the show-map special I quickly mopped up the rest and filled my prison to kill blue.
    It could do without the start with the monks however, there's no way the player can figure this out without dying a few times. I also don't know why the blue dungeon heart was behind a guardpost wall while you can't have a bridge yet. Didn't matter, I sniped it in possession with an archer.
    I didn't manage to 'solve the puzzle' to get the transfer special, don't know how to do that.
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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Salvager: well if you manage to dodge the freeze spells fairies are killed in 4 hits even with lvl 2 avatar. Too bad you skipped it there's not much annoying fighting in possession farther.

    Ascension Day: there is blue keeper next to neutral portal so I don't see any reason how he's not digging to it - and really, out of 20+ tries each one and every single time he dug to it in less than one minute. Are you using keeper fx 0.4.6u ? If yes what can be the reason your computer player behaves differently? Does computer player dig to portal in other maps ? I'll have a look at it when I come home but im 100% sure he dug there every time when tested. Has anybody else played the level and has same issue ?

    Echo Springs: The heart was behind guard post so the player cannot win this easily just by rushing there with reaper multiple times attacking heart. I believe destroying the heart in possession was a bit too much work I simply drop all my range units there to do it. The transfer special is reachable using "bug" that allows you to free your creatures from prison. In case this is FX unique and is fixed in future, it doesn't matter as this is only a bonus feature. However when the blow through corner bug get fixed we have problem as one level(and both bonuses) expects you to do it.
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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Yeah, but I believe 4 lightning-shots also killed me in one hit in salvager.

    In Ascension day the blue keeper was placed far away and the neutral portal next to my hearth. I'm using 0.4.6u with some additional changes Mefisto recently made. I don't think those changes would matter in this though, but if you want I can try to see with the old version. Or if you describe it like this, perhaps there's a second neutral portal that I've missed.
    Normally the computers dig to portals yes.

    I assumed that the witch on Echo Springs is somehow relevant to get the special, but I don't know about any bug to get creatures out of prison. I've tried with the collapse spell, but that did not work.

    EDIT: Yeah, revisiting Ascension Day, there was indeed another neutral portal up north I had not noticed. Of course you first look around your dungeon what the map looks like there, and by the time you've figured out you can't escape the northern portal is already claimed. I think most people will get stuck in this map if they don't read your hint.
    When i freed my warlocks I first tried to kill the green keeper by digging around the map and freeing more heroes to kill green before I opened up my own dungeon. That did not work. I then was surprised when I lost my bridge and noticed I could do almost everything - except claim the blue dungeon - without the bridge. Your ingame message told me to take the hatchery, which was easy enough with the invisibility spell, so shortly after the avatars left him and I won the map.

    EDIT2: I've played and completed 13 - Pyre. A bit of strange map, but again very interesting. Yet again the start is very complex to figure out what to do, how are you supposed to know there's a temple there to claim? Anyway, once I did I got to the gems just fine and managed to get past the knights to get the scavenger room. To the east I claimed the library, and thought I had to use the heroes to kill the keepers. I let them all out at the same time, but noticed that for some reason they did not want to attack the keepers even though I let them through. (I later found out you blocked the hearts again.)
    Luckily you've got limitless gold so I used collapse to hoard the heroes away and capture several of them. Eventually the left keeper somehow died, and the right keeper decided to challenge the heroes, so I cast CTA besides the heart and have my 7 mistresses take the keeper out.
    I never did figure out how to get that reveal map special or the destroy walls spell. What I found quite annoying is that at some point I had enough heroes to roll through the level and decided to take on the rest of the heroes and destroy the keeper in a frontal assault. During this I accidentally created a ghost, killing me, having to restart the level for quite a bit, again carefully capturing the heroes a few at a time.
    What would help on this map is if you give some vision from the start,.... show a large area around the heart and show a bit of the temple you need to claim. (Can be done with either the REVEAL_MAP_LOCATION or REVEAL_MAP_RECT commands).
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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    how are you supposed to know there's a temple there to claim?
    The objective says it. It says you should go to temple to east and summon horny.
    Anyway, well done beating the maps.
    Updated the archive based on feedback:
    -schizo level changed. Your heart generates 2 ghosts non stop, you need to convert avatar and kill both keepers to win but you dont have prison so the blowing away is a must. Removed vampires completely. This is a 'possession map' however you can simply rush to hero heart(claiming neutral creatures on your way!), kill the few wizards guarding and you've got bridge: no more possession.
    -ascension day one more hero party added
    -ascension day slightly changed objective
    -echo springs magic doors near to monks added
    -pyre minor level design changes
    -pyre hero parties weakened
    -pyre keepers now stronger
    -currents neutral knight is now player0's imprisoned

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    Well, I've got to say these levels are getting too difficult for me.

    On 14 - Academy you've got to get an enemy witch to blow your lvl 1 wizard through a corner, but she's got to aim perfectly, the knights guarding her can't kill you, can't get blown through the corner with you and she can't kill you with her lightning. And after this you've got to go on a first person adventure it seems, where you can't lose your wizard or you've got to do it again. I tried several times until I gave up and just moved to the next level.

    Level 15 - Flux starts really fun, I like the chaos of the different parties, and I thought I was doing well pushing on towards the libraries, claiming the increase level specials, but heroes kept coming and coming, with no apparent way to turn the tide. Keeping up with the finances also seems impossible as the only thing allowing you to survive is to get a very big vampire army, and your imps are just running around not having time to mine enough. Even taking down the white heart did nothing in stopping the parties.
    Eventually I was overwhelmed, not wanting to restart again I cheated and made my imps free, gave myself some new creatures, but even that did not allow me to keep up. I had to give myself many, many additional creatures to defeat all those knights, samurai, avatars and mistresses. Eventually the parties just stopped and 'I won', but can't really count it with the amount of cheating I had to do. I think it might be doable by massing vampires as soon as possible, get many of them and safe up all the increase level specials until the heroes start to overwhelm and you have loads of high level vampires, but respect for anybody managing to beat this level.

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    With Academy, pick up one Wizard, slap and possess the other, then lead them through the traps around the dungeon heart. If you lure a knight out as soon as you destroy the door, he'll be dead by the time the witch and other knight begin moving toward the heart. If you don't let him into melee distance, he won't activate Rebound. After you've killed those three, you can buy two imps with the door you sold and dig into the dungeon through a tile to the north. I have no idea why the opening text references the priestess wind ability. It isn't relevant.

    Looking at the map for Flux, I see a lot of guard posts connected with bridges. Presumably you'd treat the level like a tower defense. Drop all your ranged creatures on a guard post, let them fire off as the parties go by, and then move them to the next guard post until they're soft enough to kill outright. The final party; Samurai x1, Knight x4 should die rather easily to this method as the knights won't activate Rebound. Drop a tank to pull the Samurai lightning, and follow with your ranged creatures.

    I haven't played it though so maybe it's harder than it seems.

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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    The objective mentions priestess' wind ability because the easier solution is to drop your wizard close to priestess and getting him blown through the corner rather than defeating knight with heal ability and rebound or walking him through the traps(the traps might save you later!). This is quite tricky but if you manage to save the game when she's in the good position it usually takes 3-4 attempts and under 3 minutes to get it done. In this first person adventure you only have to break 2 wooden doors and cast CTA on one room. You can dodge the giant or kill him.

    Suggestion for flux is to place your horned reaper (or creature that can survive the lightning traps) near hero dungeon heart to destroy it while you do your stuff so the traps that are under some increase level specials disappear. I've never bothered to summon more than one vampire however this would also work if you managed to train them and then use increase specials as you say. Remember you've got magic doors close to your treasure room so even if imps still prefer doing anything else rather than mining gems I make them do it by locking the door and picking the creatures from portal manually. Also if I remember correctly the magic door close to workshop is attached to red fortified wall so you can just break the wall instead of doors getting workshop faster. Notice that there is bridge south-west attached to lava island, so you can get one party stuck if you claim and destroy the bridge which helps a little bit. Moving this text to hints.
    EDIT: I also remember using disease spell a lot
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    Default Re: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

    I don't understand then.

    So you're saying the intended solution is to;
    Get wizards blown through corner.
    Fight off a level 4 Giant as a level 1 Wizard with no space for backpedalling.
    CTA the Barracks or Hatchery with the zero gold the player has.
    Have the wizards destroy a room tile so the reinforced wall reverts to dirt when the tile opposite is claimed.
    Then deal with the Knights and Priestess that have been wailing on your dungeon heart the entire time.

    In that case;
    - Why does the player start with zero gold if they're supposed to be casting CTA on enemy turf?
    - Why does the player start with a heart surrounded by traps if the traps aren't supposed to kill the Knights and Priestess? Are they supposed to sell the traps for gold?
    - What's the purpose of the resurrect creature? What roles does the ghost play?
    - If the player isn't supposed to be able to dig the walls, why are they owned by the player?

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