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Thread: NEW CAMPAIGN Dungeons And Keepers 21-map campaign 2017

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    It is not an easy level and the player has lots of things to figure out by himself:
    -the use of wind spell (as suggested by ingame objective)
    -if the corridor isn't enough for backpedalling he can just run away from the giant
    -the need to use CTA
    -that he has to sell one or two lair tiles to cast it
    -that he can claim dungeon rooms this way
    -that he needs to let the tunneller dig to the multiply creatures special (tested without using it though)
    -that he needs to defeat the tunneller party (or any party he likes) using either the wizards or using the traps (as suggested by ingame objective that party is going to spawn)
    -that he needs to research temple so he can trap the huge party that spawns he cannot defeat with the few he has. And quick enough so he doesn't get his wizards killed (as suggested by ingame objective that much bigger party is going to appear)
    -that he needs to train the 4 using (or 5 if used the ressurect creature used) and scavenge the rest
    -that he needs to slap boulders through the water so the guard posts get destroyed and he can reach the hero dungeon heart

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    I've retried Level 15 - Flux, fair and square, and I managed to defeat it now without too much trouble. The first time I did not expect it to draw out so long, so I rushed towards the specials. This time I hunkered down for the end game and made sure I was powerful enough for that. I even lost some of my increase level specials to the lava, which is a shame, but a vampire army was sufficient.

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    How are you supposed to beat level 2- The Four? The small hero fortress to the south-east which is surrounded by water is inaccessible because the entrance is blocked by a guard post. There is no bridge and no destroy walls spell to enter that fort.

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    Get a flying creature that you can possess, fly behind the guard post and let the boulder destroy the guard post.
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    ah, now I see what I was doing wrong...

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    Level 16 -Jitters is another level that in my view can only be won with lots of patience and/or excessive save-game abuse. And I'm not a patient man. Died the first few times against the heroes on either side of your heart, then past the monks I found out I couldn't go past the lvl10 vampire so had to try the other side. Managed to kill the night with boulders without losing stuff, managed to kill the archer with my spider, was I killed by several more archers. Restart again, managed to kill those archers off again with my other bolder - accidentally killed my vampire with the next boulder. Next time managed to free my vampire, went to use it to free my other creatures, they all die to hidden gas traps when I blow them free. Then they all get killed by a boulder. Then manage to get everything free without gassing them, progress, do I free lvl10 wizards that destroy me,.... gave up because taking those out with a vampire in possession is really tedious, next level.

    Now level 17 - Jynxed is much more up my alley. I see you've got to be smart with the temple to beat this level and sleep-experience to win this level. I don't know if it's intended - I think so - but I won without accessing the large central area. I had my dragons sleep in a lava lair, warlocks in a gold lair and lvl 2 bile demons through the temple. Also lvled my spiders up in possession one level to get a bit stronger mistresses, and found the trolls to get 3 reapers. With those I killed the wizard for two increase-level specials and released the avatar. Taking him down was difficult with the low level army, but on defeat I won. The white heart was still intact. I did not find the 'keeper' the objective mentioned, I guess you mean the hero fortress with this.

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    At Jynxed: Yes, going to the central area was optional and would change the level gameplay and also the objective - killing avatar would not be enough. The objective said "north-west, Keeper" , not "north-west keeper"
    At Jitters: It is good to save before a important decision in maps where one minor mistake can cause defeat. I wouldn't call it a save-game abuse. There's your imprisoned knight right next to the library - I didn't put a door there so the player sees the oppoturnity to take either the knight or reaper. Now slapped knight with rebound would clear these wizards easily.
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    Yeah, in retrospect I could have gone for the other prison first (over the samurai) before taking out the wizards. But I did not know the wizards were there, nor that going for the prison was save, and I needed to research a treasure room to pay my creatures.

    On level 18, is there some way you can research?
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    You don't need to research anything to win but if I remember correctly there should be at least one library that isn't full. The 2 samurais you free and some other creatures you get while making progress are sufficient to win the level. Don't forget to pick either from knight or horned reaper at the beginning on the map(i suggest knight because of wizards). Collect libraries for spells. You can get speed monster before the first waves appear which helps a lot. Multiply creatures cannot be reached and is only a teaser. It's a very intense level.
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    Yeah, when I asked I had already come far, but was eventually overwhelmed by the party with the knights and samurai. I'll try again later from before I breached that final door, and attempt to work my workshop a bit which I've ignored so far and get some more skeletons. I did not find a library yet with room to spare and believed I looked everywhere, but I realize perhaps I can make some doors that help. I want to research some rooms.
    I did pick the knight because it seems like a level where it is a big ask to keep a reaper happy. It worked out because I used rebound to instantly train my knight to lvl10.

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