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Thread: How to get best creatures from portal?

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    Default How to get best creatures from portal?

    Hi. It is better to build all rooms and after that open portral for better creatures?
    If that is not possible. It is good idea to discover all room in library and then build all rooms and throw weak creatures and warlock to portal and wait for better creatures?


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    It's best to dig out your portal straight away, and only start throwing them out when you're reaching the portal limit, or when you're low on gold, right before payday.
    Bile demons and Dragons come straight away, and in maps with beetles and spiders you can train them and when you get a temple sacrifice them for mistresses. That also gives you more space for more mistresses.
    In the meantime the useless creatures can do research or build doors (that help with room efficiency, and make training and research go faster). Also, if you're attacked you can at least defend yourself.

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