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Thread: Unpacking keeperFX archive file.

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    Default Unpacking keeperFX archive file.


    I have downloaded the keeperfx mod along with 7 zip to unpack it. However I only get an error message each time I try to extract the files.

    Cannot open as archive. Unexpected end of data.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Unpacking keeperFX archive file.

    That means you haven't managed to downloaded the full file, but have a partial download. That's what the error message means: 'unexpected end of data' -> 'there should be more of this file'.
    Redownload the file and make sure the archive is as large as it is supposed to be.


    If downloading through keeperklan or lubiki is giving you trouble, try a mirror.

    KeeperFX main release or Unofficial 0.4.6
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    Default Re: Unpacking keeperFX archive file.

    I downloaded an alternate version from a mirror site and that one worked.

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