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Thread: Using old level .txt files with KeeperFX?

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    Default Using old level .txt files with KeeperFX?

    This is an odd one, so I'll explain.

    I owned-still own, actually-Dungeon Keeper Gold. Ages ago, I downloaded a mod of sorts; 'Fairy Dungeon Keeper' or something like. As you might expect, it modded the main campaign such that on each level, all you could recruit was fairies.(I distinctly remember the page itself hyping up fairies. Fast, cheap, powerful etc.) It was a simple mod, messing with the .txt files of the maps.

    Based off that, I changed it up. Monks instead. Basic, fumbling experiments, also vaguely fun.

    I have both sets of modded .txt files still. Map0001 to Map00020.

    Now I have KeeperFX, which works, and has lots of campaigns besides the standard. I'd like to use those old modded text files again, to play through the main campaign with such things. Is this at all possible? The files seem all weird, and I'm worried about potentially breaking something. It seems like the best move would be to have them as their own campaigns, but I barely understand the files in those new campaign folders, so I don't even know where to start.

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    Default Re: Using old level .txt files with KeeperFX?

    Yes, you can. If you take the level files you have (not just the .txt files, but all map000xx files from your mod, simply replace the ones in the KeeperFX\levels folder and it will work.

    And indeed, it is also possible to make it a separate campaign, so you can either play the 'all monks' campaign or the regular campaigns. To do so, make a folder inside campgns where you put your levels. And make a copy of the keeporig.cfg file in that same folder, rename it to something unique, and change it to fit your new campaign. In this file all options are described so this is easy.

    One thing to note though, in KeeperFX a monk requires 8 tiles of temple to be attracted. If you don't want this, change the \creatrs\monk.cfg file. If you have a custom campaign you can give your campaign a unique creature folder as well.

    Feel free to ask further questions, but this page will help as well.

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    Default Re: Using old level .txt files with KeeperFX?

    If you play the FX version, it's been slightly altered. So if you want to play the original, use all the original files.

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