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Thread: Editing official levels

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    Default Editing official levels

    Okay, some people may wonder how it is done and some get unexpected errors like crashes or inability to add triggers. Here is a guide how to properly edit official levels for your DK2 campaign.

    I suggest using Editor Pro for this one, and RC3 for adding lairs/hatcheries only.


    • Open up your desired level
      Open the level that you would like to edit. Note, official levels do not have GLOBALS, you will have to create them if you are planning on global creature/trap/room modification.
    • Edit your desired level
      Study the level carefully. Be sure that you understand what all triggers and flags mean, what progression they are used in and why. When you feel like you know the map as if you've created it, start editing. Change everything you want in the level. Be extra careful with flags and winning/losing conditions.
    • Save the edited level
      This is the part where many fail, and this is the part why many have errors or crashes. Read carefully.

      1. Save your level by putting an integer or a letter after the level name. (for example, level1a instead of level1, of level 11a1 instead level 11a)
      2. Delete all the original level files except the KWD file. KWD file is to be left unchanged. So if you have level1 changed, remove all level1 files except level1.kwd.
      3. rename all your new created files to the original map name. If it was level1aVariables, change it back to level1Variables, and so on.

    You are done!

    Additional notes:

    Always backup your original maps.

    Make sure that you understand what you want to add and how it will look like. Make sure that you have at least a minimum understanding of how it's done. Dont just rush in for changes. Official levels are pretty advanced in triggering, and even some minor changes may result in inability to finish level or even a game crash.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Editing official levels

    Nice trick!

    The other editor is RC3, as for Release Candidate 3. It's something like late beta version.

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    Default Re: Editing official levels

    Thanks, corrected.

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