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Thread: Dwarven Demolitionist

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    Default Dwarven Demolitionist (Recycle Bin)

    Notice: This idea is scrapped due to many members believing explosives do not fit into Dungeon Keeper. The idea will stay listed here to provide possible inspiration.

    Name: Dwarf Demolitionist


    Health: Moderate
    Attack: Moderate-High
    Defense: Moderate
    Armour: Moderate-High
    Accuracy: Low
    Speed: Moderate-Low
    Dexterity: Low
    Intelligence: Moderate
    Wage: Moderate-High

    Level 1: Punch (With fist weapon)
    Level 3: Grenade (AoE Projectile)
    Level 5: Mine (Lays a trap that explodes when anyone walks over it. Only 3 can be active at a time)
    Level 8: Demolitition (Plants an explosive, detonated at the player's bidding. Only 2 can be active at a time, heavily damages doors, traps, and surrounding tiles.)

    Special: Dwarvolition (Sets off live explosives on himself and gives a speed increase. They will explode not matter if he is alive or not)
    Special: Immune to Fear Traps
    Special: Can spot Mines and explosives (not traps)

    Information: The Dwarves have always used explosives for their mining operations, but never thought of using them for war. However, in this age of reckoning, insane and foolhearty dwarves have strapped these explosives to themselves, ready to be used in the depths of a Keeper's Dungeon. Amazingly, while the dwarves themselves may not return, there has never been a report of a single cave-in using these devices...

    Purpose: Disruption, Traps, Destorying Fortifications

    Behavior in Dungeon:
    Demolitionists will manufacture and train of their own accord. Otherwise, they will wander your dungeon. If they get really angry, they will plant several explosives at your Dungeon Heart and leave your dungeon.


    Behavior in OverWorld: Rarely found in the Overworld, but if seen, these dwarves tend to gether near mining enterances or in the mountains.

    Obtainable By: Hero Side Only, Torture Conversion, Neutral Creature, Temple Recipe (Dwarf Tunneller, Troll)

    Style: Support

    Hang Out Group: Regarded by insane by many heroes and creatures, he will normally be by himself, or in other Demolitionist groups.

    Hates: Chaos Spawns and Dragons (Doesn't want an ''accidental'' explosion)

    Loves: The Workshop, Other Demolitionists

    Lair: A single large box made into a home with TNT labeling.

    Appearance: A dwarf with explosives strapped to his belt and various other locations. He has a fist weapon of some sort.

    How Introduced: First seen on the hero side after the Keeper gains access to a Workshop. The Mentor will explain how they work if converted.

    Attracted by: If changed, a 5x5 Workshop.


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    Default Re: Dwarven Demolitionist

    Alchemist with a flamethrower... Dwarven demoman... I don't know dude. these ideas are pretty cool, but do they fit the medieval fantasy plot of DK?

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    Default Re: Dwarven Demolitionist

    I agree these ideas totally don't fit in with dungeon keeper. It's all too technologically advanced for my likings

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    Default Re: Dwarven Demolitionist

    I agree with Hapuga and tehbassdemon, it's all too technologically advanced and doesn't really fit in.

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    Default Re: Dwarven Demolitionist

    Alrighty, throw this one into the scrapbucket. Just thought it might be a unqiue unit to have in the game.

    Edit: I know there was a grenade projectile in DK 1, but it was a lizard ball that exploded. However, even this may not fit in with the Dwarf Demolitionist or DK WFTO.
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    Default Re: Dwarven Demolitionist

    Alchemist with flamethrower? It runs on steam and mana so it is a magical flamethrower of the same ilk as the lightning or gas trap. It isn't a "modern" flamethrower and you should imagine it to be almost "steampunk"

    BTW: Ancient Chinese used flame projectiles god-knows how long ago so it isn't really much of a leap. They technology to create a them has been around for centuries, if not millenia.
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