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Thread: The Best unofficial campaign.

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    Default The Best unofficial campaign.

    Write here as is your favourite unofficial campaign to DK.

    This I will begin, I described three my favourite unofficial campaigns:

    For my money a best unofficial campaign to DKI is Good Kampaign. Very fine is in her this that we play her with heroes and we fight against bad keeper's.

    In the second place I place Acient Keeper. The campaign is surely most dricifull campaign. Two days I was in pain with the first mission (unless you know for what themselves check) , but when thighs himself to win the mission then the joy is huge

    And on the third place I place the Lord Vexer. Campania consists of six missions but on the truth fine. On end we must kill that vampire of the Lord Vexera.

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    Default Re: The Best unofficial campaign.

    Thanks for the compliment

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    Default Re: The Best unofficial campaign.

    I haven't played many custom SP campaigns, but I think the good campaign is allright. Allthough, in all the campaigns that I have tried; I'm really not fond of the advisor voices.

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    Default Re: The Best unofficial campaign.

    I would really love to see another campaign, where you play the good guys!

    Just finished the Good Guys Campaign and it was really a lot of fun!

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    Default Re: The Best unofficial campaign.

    Twin Keepers.

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