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Thread: Major problem with KeeperFX. please help! Object limit?

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    Default Major problem with KeeperFX. please help! Object limit?


    So, i´ve been playing alot, i would consider myself a pro-player. I have decent knowledge about most stuff etc etc. Can make my own maps, edit scrips etc.

    But one thing that bothers me alot, is that when i play a map, with just a bit more than average creatures. Not too many. The game becomes fucked up. Like the limit of creatures/spells, objects in general, have been reached.

    So no more creature can spawn, for any player. No spells show up, so you cant fight anyone. For example Dark mistress with their lightning. They will just stand still, scream and cast the lightning but nothing happends. endless fight.

    No traps, doors etc can be placed. or well. if you try to place 10 doors. only 1 will show up in average.

    i figured it must be that limit being reached? But then again. What counts in ? Because i can have a big treasure room, like reeeeeaally big. but sometimes not. and it still happends.

    how do i fix this? there must be players out there experiencing the same issue?

    Would appreaciate any help!


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    Default Re: Major problem with KeeperFX. please help! Object limit?

    Sounds like you hit the 'thing' limit, and that isn't specific to KeeperFX, it's been there since the original game. In fact KeeperFX is a bit better with it since it removes some things you shouldn't notice when it's about to hit the limit.
    And everything counts. Every thing you can see on the map, every spike, every flame, every spell, every pile of gold, every object in every room, simply everything that has a sprite. You can have 2047 sprites, that's it, no more.

    Creatures are included in that number of course, but they have an additional limit of 255.

    There's no fix. If you have it on maps you made, make sure you don't have too many keepers making too many rooms and having too many creatures. If playing on other peoples maps, make sure to win before you run into it.

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