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Thread: Creating maps with HERO PORTALS

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    The more you do something, the faster one will be at doing it and though it may feel like a chore it'd be worth it in my opinion.
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    hmmm this is interesting.

    done sucessfully. Pitty that it messes up the Enemy Heros who spawned through gates on regular base. With hero portals enemy heroes dont spawn anymore.

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    Hi I`m new to the forum and I was just wondering if some of you guys that are expert with this kinda of stuff could please share some Hero maps/Hero multiplayer maps with me, because I`m trying to understand how it is done but I think I`m too dumb to understand it

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    I followed your instruction step by step, but it seems the hero portal still doesn't work.

    I don't know if that was already discussed. I tried it a second time and this time I create a normal portal with the result that it works perfect . It's important that you have to put number of evil creatures down to 0 to have only good creatures and there is a little problem that the heroes don't come out from the portal by themselves. You should help they !!!

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    I also made one to one. Heroes are stuck on the lower level of the portal.
    Look at this map:
    Good Kepeer2.rar
    (I can’t open it in the editor)

    The portal works perfectly!! You can see what has been done on the basis of the described method, but the heroes exit normally.
    How did he do that ?!

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