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Thread: This is so nostalgic

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    Hello everyone, its been a very long time since I visited this forum. I really hope its still alive and well, and if it is then I would allow myself to ask for a favor:

    I want to get back to creating levels, (for DK2) with a strong focus on Player vs Heros. But I quickly found out, that creating a hero castle who looks exactly like a Keeper`s castle (a square shape, made of 5x5 rooms next to each other) reallty doesnt do it to me. I want to find a way to give the hero strongholds a bit of an artistic side, make it look like a true hero castle, and not merely another dungeon.

    would you guys care to share some designing techniques? do you like adding rooms in hero castles? or perhaps you preffer leaving it empty, and made entirely like a sort of maze? do you use a lot of objects like guard post tables? if so which? what kind of shapes for corridors and rooms do you like to make when your design the castle? are there any particular shapes that suits well certain rooms? (for example I found out that creating a prison in a diamond shape, gives it a really cool looking fence)

    If you could share a masterpiece of yours, (or someone else`s) who demonstrates what I am looking for, that would be awsome.


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    Default Re: This is so nostalgic

    You can look at some of the hero fortresses in the first game; Blaise End is a great example.

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