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Thread: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

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    Default Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Oh my god, I'm alive!

    I'm just posting this to mention that our beloved Dungeon Keeper game has hit its massive 20th birthday. Indeed, Dungeon Keeper was released worldwide back on June 26th 1997.

    20 years already... and it's always so good to be bad... Damn, that makes me feel so old now.

    Happy Birthday DK!!! You still rock today!!!
    I like dragons! They're the center of my life! I'll never forget them...

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Happy birthday Dungeon Keeper franchise!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Post Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Happy birthday
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Terribly Bad Birthday to all of you!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    We here on the Lords of Nether Team want to wish the game that began it all a Happy Birthday! Indeed none of what we work on here today would be happening if it wasn't for this iconic game and we hold a great amount of love and respect for it! We will do our best to carry on the legacy of the genre it created in our own little way, as best we can!

    Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper! May you continue to inspire for many more years to come!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    As a long time lurker on these forums from many many years ago I registered today just to add my voice and wish Dungeon Keeper a happy birthday, this game has always been present in my thoughts and has inspired me throughout a lot of my life in the industry. I could go on but instead of simply repeating the same platitudes I'll share here the same story that I shared when I put together the War for the Overworld blog post celebrating this event!

    My first experience of Dungeon Keeper was shortly after its release in 1997 when I was just a wee lad of 6 years. I remember my older brother bringing this game home and watching him play it on our old Windows 95 desktop that was primarily used for my father’s work – but also for such gaming classics as Doom, Theme Park and Command and Conquer.

    As I watched my brother play I just knew I had to have a go! This game looked like nothing I’d ever seen – the incredible isometric view, dynamic lighting, unique creatures, and ability to dig, shape and build rooms captured my imagination immediately. I waited… and waited while my brother played. Days later I finally got my chance!

    I sat down in the big seat, eager as you might imagine a 6-year-old would be, and played my first level. So eager was I to build that I forgot to give my Imps time to fortify the walls. My dungeon was destroyed by the invading heroes before it even began! Rather pathetically I had lost the first level.

    Most decidedly not the screen I received on the first level – Dungeon Keeper – Electronic Arts – Bullfrog Productions

    From then on I played the game on and off through the years. As I grew I became more and more competent. I finally beat the game and begged my parents to buy the sequel in 1999 (they eventually gave in). Since then I’ve played both games many, many times, most famously when I wrestled with the AI assistant on stream. I often look back on them as two of my favourite games ever made.

    I remember for many years wishing for a third game, following various projects online (I’m sure you can imagine which!). For years I talked with friends about wanting to learn how to make games myself so I could work on something like that, but being pragmatic as I am, I decided to pursue a life in computer networking.

    I jumped with joy when War for the Overworld’s Kickstarter happened, and backed £200 immediately. From there I became extremely active in the community, and the rest is history.

    Dungeon Keeper played a huge role in my life, and without it I would not be where I am today – helping to shape a fantastic Dungeon Management game and a dedicated community around it!

    Thanks for all the fun times and memories Bullfrog! You will always be missed!
    There's one more thing I'd like to add to that story. It has been my privilege to participate in a community with so many incredible people who have shared the same love for Dungeon Keeper and other Dungeon Management Games that I have. I genuinely believe that these communities, whatever game they might subscribe to are filled with some of the most passionate, talented and dedicated people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and it is a great regret of mine that I did not bridge the gap to register here what is now nearly a decade ago.

    From myself and the rest of the WFTO team we want to say thanks for being awesome. We also want to wish the Lords of Nether team and especially Blutonium (who's amazing work really ignited my interest in a fan game all those years ago) all the best in their efforts, as a developer and a player I can't say how great it is to see another project making headway and I can't wait to get my hands on it!


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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Long time lurker as well, stumbled into this thread while browsing because I started back the original campaign yesterday, as I do pretty much every year for the past 20 ones :P

    Happy Birthday DK1, you were truly ahead of your time and still special among all the others. And a big thanks for this community as well, it's amazing to see it still kicking after all those years despite a "lack" of multiplayer. I have great pleasure in reading all the tidbits about this game and you guys were awesome in digging all this stuff!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    I recently found my login for the forum again. So even it is belated, but also Happy Birthday wishes from me for Dungeon Keeper. I got it when it was released and remember playing it on a 486DX machine that was freezing when a battle started. Good thing a while later we got a PC with P2, making it much more playable .
    Now, today I still play it. I guess I will play it even 20 years in the future on whatever PC then is up to date.
    Maybe until then I might find out where the butthole of the Bile Demon is, because somewhere the farts have to come out, but he has no visible butt like the trolls and orcs - as a kid I always thought there must be a possibility to look under him , but haven´t found one until today.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    Here's the picture from below:

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Dungeon Keeper!

    I never thought i would ever look at a bile demon's butt... frankly it wasnt on my list of things i wanted to see, but here we are... Life is funny that way

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