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Thread: Becoming of Nemesis (DK1)

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    Default Re: Becoming of Nemesis (DK1)

    Nope, it works fine for me and others who played it.

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    Default Re: Becoming of Nemesis (DK1)

    That was good fun, and refreshing to have some challenge in a couple of the maps. There was one where you have a small pre-built dungeon and get continually attacked from all sides, they even managed to knock a few HP off my dungeon heart.

    Map 18 didn't seem to work for me, after about 10 minutes at 200% it crashed. Played through to that point a couple of times and had the same issue so had to fear the reaper my way past that one.

    Level 19 was a bit of surprise in how easy it was, I scouted out for gold before doing anything else but as the dungeon was pre-built I had Dark Angels and Horned Reapers as my first creatures. The removal of the heal spell was a nice touch though, meant I couldn't just train my reapers to level 8 very easily. That said, once I found the gems I had all the time in Hades to train my warriors and then ran into blue a few seconds after heading north. Followed them home and game over.

    Level 20 I think I've missed something or done something in the wrong order. I've cleared the map, completely, but no win. I did kill Felix before the mad Hero party drops - not sure if that's the issue.

    Did Dark Angels get re-balanced? I found them to be less useful then I'm used to.

    Is there a reason all of the Hero Parties just drop from the sky instead of using Hero gates? Is this a DK1 thing? Quite odd to be wandering through some dirt path and have the LOTL drop on your head.

    The inclusion of gems/too much gold is probably a DK1 thing because it was used instead of Mana, but it essentially meant the strategy for every level needn't be more complicated than: find the gold, build temple+combat pit, Library, DA for researching Heal, Reapers trained to Lvl8 > Destroy.

    Good fun though, thank you

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