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Thread: Extreme Dungeons - unplayable garbage

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    Maybe some players know the Extreme Dungeons campaign. It was released for sale in Germany in the 90ties. It contains a lot of levels but most of them are unusable. Even these that are described as fixed on the KeeperFX page are merely playable.
    I played some levels and there are two extremes:
    Either it is broken in a way that it is winnable in a few minutes because the AI keeper doesn´t attract creatures and only builds undersized rooms - or you cannot get any creatures and obviously can´t win the level then.

    I recorded three levels a while ago.

    Vanquish the truth

    Stolen belongs to Thief


    As you can see, they are really bad. And these are the better maps I tested. Other ones had the possibility to dig to the border, causing the game to crash, and like stated above, no creatures were attracted.
    Has anybode made a different experience or is this just normal? I guess the latter. As interesting as some of them might look it seems it was just a rip-off released when Dungeon Keeper was not that old.

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    Yeah, the description on that page you listed already stopped me from every trying them.

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    I picked one of your videos and skipped ahead until you opened up the overview map. That's all I need to know it's garbage.

    Why does gold on your minimap show up as dark brown and not green?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woudo View Post
    Why does gold on your minimap show up as dark brown and not green?
    I can only presume that FRAPS causes a colour shift as the videos were recorded with that. They all have brownish tint, and the program is overall rather outdated. Therefore I switched to Bandicam, there the colours are ok.

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