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Thread: Couple of questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hapuga View Post
    Aesthetically pleasing
    At least somewhat balanced

    This is achievable with a rudimentary generator that doesnt even need AI.
    Yeah, I agree with this.
    I guess where we disagree is that is sufficient to be good enough to play over playing the scores of maps already out there. The reason I started with 'Wow' is because I was surprised that there are people out there that actually played most of the user-made maps out there. And if there are more user-made maps than you could ever play, there's no reason to play a generated map unless it is better than the user-made ones.

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    Some campaigns are good, the Extreme Dungeon pack is quite fun for multiplayer.

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    Wasn't the extreme dungeon pack the bloated turd with really basic and empty maps?

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    Yeah I got it mixed up with something else :/

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