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    -ENGINE I believe selects the graphics engine to use. It looks like it's disabled but I'm not sure. The available engines to select with this option by an number following the switch are:

    Software 2D
    Software3D MMX

    I think the number following the switch selects which of the above to use in that order (i.e. -ENGINE 4 selects Software3D MMX)

    As a side note, while it appears this switch is disabled, there is a registry entry that apparently works under the Configuration\Video reg. The entry is Engine Id. Mine is set to 2 which matches Direct3D

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    Interesting! Thanks again for the info! Say, where did you find the available engines?
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    In the code. I'm reverse engineering the .exe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Displacer View Post
    In the code. I'm reverse engineering the .exe
    You would be a god if you reverse engineered WEANETR.dll for the master server communication protocol. I would absolutely love creating a new master server for DK2, but my skills are with Python and PHP, not C and Assembly
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