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Thread: Keeper Fx freezing

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    Default Keeper Fx freezing

    Hey guys I want to know if it's the map or just me having issues with multiplayer maps...
    Map 150 DD Multi 15 keeps freezing when I try and create many imps at the same time or sometimes in battle, and I started to notice other maps does as well.
    I have the keeperfx-0_4_6_1834 patch installed, but also separate folders with many others.
    Is this a known issue?
    Thx for reading

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    Could you please share your log file after such a freeze? It's the keeperfx.log file from your directory.

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    Default Re: Keeper Fx freezing

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    As expected, it's the pathfinding bug.

    Happens on 'complex maps' with multiple routes to each destination. With lava and water the chances of this increase. Can't be helped except by playing maps that don't suffer from it.
    Look through this topic where maps are discussed.

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    Ah okey that clears it up lol I did manage to finish the map once by loading a save file and attacking 1 keeper fast as possible which solved it somehow.
    Thanks man

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    That's no surprise. Maps with multiple keepers on them that each build dungeons and tunnels will become more complex over time. Killing them before that happens will help.

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