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    How do you start the second level? You only have a Troll and Demon Spawn (and Skeleton eventually), I'm getting killed by Bouldertraps everywhere. You don't have Imps in this level (so far). So I'm kinda stuck, you have to Possess your creatures but it's impossible to avoid these traps.

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    Before you try and take on the traps, first go across the lava with your demon spawn and get the skeleton. He walks faster so it is easier to avoid boulder traps and is immune to gas.

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    Ooh right he's immune to gas, then I have to try a different route (not the Boulder corridor).

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    Once you have the fly (after the gas dungeon), you can fly over the boulder traps. Don´t forget to dig out the portal just a few fields south of your heart once you have the imps. I somehow missed this and played for a long time only with the start creatures and build a hero army :-D

    Now I need the community to help me out: I am stuck on "Waterspring River" (map 6). Once all hero attack waves are through, you get the prison. But how am I suppose to conquer all the hero dungeon if there is no bridge? I started knocking down doors and using lightening on revealed parts of the maps due to information revealed from torture... But that is very slow progress... Anyone?

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    The opening paragraph tells you to kill the six knights in the castle.

    You can either;
    Possess a ranger and fight everyone yourself.
    Possess a fighter, bash down a bunch of doors and wait for the heroes to come to your dungeon.
    Make a party in the barracks and take the fight to them.

    Either way you're going to need to possess someone.

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    Jepp, that´s what you need to do... The bridge will be available after killing the last knight. Possessing (with party) and bashing down doors / revealing the map with torture and then lightening strikes is what I did. Takes a while. Onto the next level :-)

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