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    Default Glass Door

    Glass Doors are quite weak, but can be useful early on as creatures will low intelligence won't see it and will fly/walk straight into them which stuns them for several seconds. Flies and other insects are particularly prone as they will routinely fail to grasp that it is a door and will continue to fly into it getting stunned and falling over.

    Durability: Low-Medium
    Armour: Hard
    After Effect: Glass Door Shatter
    Appearance: Very thick glass with an frame of some manner
    Cost: ???


    Keeper Spells
    Summon Decoys
    Summon Wraith
    Traps & Doors
    Mirror Trap
    Glass Door
    Arrow Slit/Loophole
    Mana Sprite
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    Default Re: Glass Door

    Glass door...?

    *meanwhile in Omega's head*

    I didnt knew Glass Joe had a glass door company thingy.

    *back to reality*

    But seriously, the idea seems good to me, but i dont think bug type creatures are that idiotic XD

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    Default Re: Glass Door

    I think it's pretty stupid to have that kind of thing. It'll become a "put for quantity" door, that you'll use only for fun. Like 5 types of doors in DK2 from which you either use a metal or a secret one.

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